7K Metals Review

It’s possible that you heard of the stratified marketing opportunity known as 7K Metals. It is for people interested in making money via the internet, you likely have learned about the company via a friend or a member of your own family.

Because I have spent the last week conducting extensive research on the 7K Metals, I can provide all the information you require concerning that business opportunity.

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What Is 7K Metal?

The stratified marketing business known as 7K Metals was established in 2016. Their headquarters may be located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, at 3640 South Yellowstone Highway.

The costs of precious metals are lowered for members, and members also get access to several revenue levels.

People who are interested in precious metals, or bullion can take advantage of membership packages offered through a business model known as stratified marketing.

The company’s objective is to make a difference in peoples’ lives worldwide who are working to enhance the quality of their own lives.

7K Metals provides people with the tools that can assist them in achieving financial independence and building wealth.

Because they only charge their members the amount it costs them, they can offer their members the most affordable precious metals.

7K Metals gets precious metals from several reputable global channels. This allows them to acquire them at the most competitive prices possible.

When you join 7K Metals intending to build a downline and earn residual income, you not only invest money; you are also investing your time and effort in the endeavor.

Quick Facts About 7K Metals Company

7K Metals broadened its network of contacts to give you access to precious metals at reasonable pricing. They can achieve this by removing the intermediaries who are customarily responsible for taking a cut.

Instead, 7K Metals functions as its distributor, dealer, and broker, all under one roof. That ensures that your silver and gold won’t travel via any middlemen that mark up the price before it finally reaches you. There are never any minimums or maximums with this offer.

The following is some further information regarding the membership marketing company 7K Metals:

  • Since November 2016, they have been in operation.
  • Located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States USA.
  • Membership is available to residents of the following countries: The nations of the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Great Britain, Ireland and New Zealand.
  • Have experience in multiple industries.
  • Exercise in stratified marketing gained over more than a century of successful business operations.
  • Debt-free business entity.
  • The membership cost encompasses their basic fee of $199 and their premium of $499. Silver will be in your possession with each of these plans.

Who Owns 7K Metals?

The following individuals are the founders of 7k Metals: Permit me to acquaint you with each of them in turn.

Zach Davis

The expertise of working with stratified marketing organizations comes from Zach Davis. Davis was first exposed to the concept of network marketing while he was a student in college. Since then, he has assisted many people in achieving their objectives.

Since 2011, Zack Davis and Josh Anderson have been running a stratified marketing enterprise known as Black Ink International.

Richard Hansen

Richard Hansen is an experienced miner of precious metals as well as a collector of precious objects. He has been working in network marketing for the past 34 years.

Roger Ball

Roger Ball is well-known for his work in the business world. He used to run JD Premium until it was finally shut down. Another company that he was involved with in the year 2012 was Paycation. He invested in 7K Metals after confirming the brilliance of the idea.

Josh Anderson

At the age of 21, Josh Anderson was first exposed to network marketing. In 2008 which was his first exposure at working for another stratified marketing company, he recruited almost 18,000 individuals, and while working in 2009 for a different company, he recruited nine thousand people in the first 4 months of his employment.

Shortly after that, Josh Anderson was given the position of Chief executive officer in that company, and under his leadership, his membership grew to roughly 26,000 personnel.

How 7K Metals Work?

As a buyer, you can buy coins from them on their website by adding things to your cart, but before you can complete the purchase, you will be required to input the name of the person who referred you.

If you do not have a referrer, you can send an email to support@7kmetals.com; however, this method is, in my opinion, a bit tedious especially when you consider that you can buy online from other precious metals firms at comparable costs all without having to contact customer assistance.

However, if, on the other hand, you were to purchase a membership, the unit price that you pay would be slightly lower. However, depending on the price of gold and silver you purchase, your total cost may be higher than expected due to the membership charge.

Products From 7K Metals

What kind of precious metals does 7K Metals have for its customers?

The following items are the one you can buy from 7k Metals:

  • Coins and bars made from gold.
  • Several minted silver coins.
  • Platinum bars.
  • Silver and gold jewellery.

Highlighted below is a rundown of the many pricing options:

  • 19–226 dollars for silver coins.
  • Gold coins priced between $162 and $1,945.
  • $18.88 per ounce of silver bar.
  • Gold bars at $155 per ounce.
  • $966 per ounce of platinum bars.
  • 1kg of Gold can cost as high as $47,627 in price.

In addition, 7K Metals offers a diverse selection of jewelry for customers to select from.

7K Metals also signed an agreement with a leading private safe manufacturer to form a partnership to guarantee the security of your collections.

You must be one of its members and live in the US to shop on the website for particular products with member’s prices. However, anyone can shop on the website.

To be successful in making money, you have to have a lot of connections to rich people who have extra cash lying around.

7K Metals Membership Requirements

You have to fulfill several prerequisites before 7K Metals will allow you to start an IRA account.

  • You should be of the age of majority in the nation in which you now reside.
  • You must be legally able to enter into an agreement in the country you are a resident of, whether it be the USA, one of its territories, or any other country.
  • Associates located in countries other than the United States demand confirmation of citizenship and tax clearance from the country in which you are signing up or the nation in which you currently live.
  • Send an application and agreement to become an Independent Associate. You will fill that out to 7K Metals Online.

You can access items such as direct membership pricing and collector’s training for those who acquire a 7K Metals membership, which you can do by meeting the standards they have set forth.

This is also the first step in building a downline of 7,000 people and receiving weekly rewards from the company.

Types Of 7K Metals Memberships

The following are the many alternatives available to individuals who are qualified candidates for membership in 7K Metals:

7K Standard ($199)

  • One Year Membership.
  • Certification of Purchasers.
  • Collector’s Training Member with Direct Pricing on an Unlimited Bullion Travel Card.
  • 3 Technology Credits – Tools to Track, Your Team, Recruiting App Access, and 7K Website (3 months free, $10 per month after that) Collector’s Training Member Direct Pricing on Unlimited Bullion.
  • Access to Exclusive Collectables with Low Production Runs.
  • 1 Initial Gem Proof-Like Uncirculated One Ounce Silver Coin.

7K Standard Plus ($359)

  • Membership for a Year.
  • Training for the Certification of Buyers Training for Collectors.
  • Member Direct Pricing on Unlimited Bullion Standard Plus 6 Technology Credits, including Tools to Track Your Team, Access to the Recruiting App, and 7K Metals Website (6 months free, then $10 per month after that).
  • Access to Exclusive Collectables with Low Production Runs.
  • 1 Silver Eagle Coin in MS70 Grading.

7K Premium ($499)

  • Membership for a Year.
  • Training for the Certification of Buyers Training for Collectors.
  • Pricing for Members Only on Unlimited Bullion.
  • 12 Technology Credits, Including Tools to Track Your Team, Access to Recruiting Apps, and a 7K Metals Website (12 months free, $10 per month after that).
  • Access to Exclusive Collectables with Low Production Runs.
  • 1 Coin of Variety MS70 Made of Silver 1 Bar Made of Silver.
  • 10 Commercial Playing Cards.
  • 4 Books on Wealth Management Strategies.

You will also receive major training on recruitment tactics and team motivation if for any membership partners.


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The Framework Of The Compensation

7K Metals employs a straightforward binary compensation structure, which implies that you are constructing two legs during the game.

Your recommendations will also do the same thing, and so on. You will accumulate points as recruits sign up and make membership purchases.

  • If you bring in people who join at the $199 level, you will receive 50 points.
  • You will earn a total of 100 points at the $349 level and a total of 150 points at the $499 premium membership level.

You will become a 7K Metals Associate once you have accumulated 500 points in each of the two legs of the competition. This will entitle you to a cheque for $500 weekly, providing that you continue accumulating those points each week. After that, you assist two people.

When this occurs, those individuals are promoted to the rank of associate, and when two more individuals are brought into your group, you are promoted to the level of Copper.

As a Copper, you can earn up to $1,000 every week.

The next level is Bronze, and the process will continue as before: perform the actions from the previous level, assist the two new persons in becoming Copper, and add two more personal teammates who are Bronze.

A 7K Metals member with the Bronze ranking can earn $2,000 weekly.

As your company expands, you will have the opportunity to move up in rank, first to Silver, then Gold, then Executive Gold, and finally Presidential Gold.

The following is a list of each rank’s maximum weekly payouts:

  • Copper is worth $500.
  • Bronze is $1000.
  • Silver is $3500.
  • The Associate is $500.
  • Gold is $7000.
  • Executive Gold is $10000.
  • Presidential Gold is $12,500.

As can be seen, the amounts that are being paid out are not insignificant. A member who has achieved the Presidential Gold ranking can earn $650,000 yearly.

7K Metals A Pyramid Scheme Or Not?

Because their members can still make money from selling any of the various precious metals listed on the site, the business model that 7K Metals employs is not strictly considered a pyramid.

On the other hand, earning a decent income in this manner is quite challenging. The employees who bring in the newest staff members make high profits in the organization.

Because of this, 7K Metals isn’t just another “pyramid scheme in disguise.”

A firm that does not focus on selling goods or services compensates its members for hiring new recruits.

Because of the ease with which anyone can make money through pyramid schemes, their usage is restricted in most nations.

7K Metals, just like other stratified marketing companies, sells legitimate products, in this case, precious metals.

However, the corporation places a greater emphasis on employee recruitment than on product sales.

Through 7K Metals, you cannot make retail sales under any circumstances. Purchases of precious metals should be made by unaffiliated consumers wherever possible. However, you can only purchase with a 7K Metals membership.

Pyramid schemes are banned in the United States, and 7K Metals does not qualify as one so long as the company sells valuable metals and other things.

To earn money using 7K Metals, you have to recruit new members. This is where the flags for the pyramid system are raised.

You can look up their Better Business Bureau rating if you are still doubtful of their services.

Pros And Cons Of 7K Metals

It is always a good idea to weigh any business venture’s benefits and drawbacks, but it is especially important when considering MLM.


  • 7K Metals are completely transparent regarding all aspects of its business model.
  • Their experience in leadership positions is outstanding.
  • Members get access to affordable precious metals for purchase.


  • You are unable to make a purchase as a non member.
  • Stratified marketing (MLM).
  • They place a significant emphasis on acquiring new members.
  • Keeping one’s membership current comes at a very high cost.
  • Their product selection is somewhat restricted.

It is important to go into further depth regarding these drawbacks.

The Price Tag

Because of the unpredictability of the precious metals market, any investment you make is on your own. Therefore, even if prices fall, you can keep it and sell later when it recovers its previous level.

But gold, along with other precious metals, is still quite pricey, so if you don’t have a significant amount of money, you should be careful to spend only what is necessary.

You Have To Become A 7K Metals Member To Make Purchases

Their website includes a page that offers guest checkout, but this page is somewhat deceptive because you cannot purchase metals if you’re not a member. You have to disclose the member’s name who referred you to the site.

Ultimately, you must pay a membership fee to purchase any product line.

Participation In The Auto-Delivery Program Is Required

You are required to sign for automatic delivery of products whether or not you like any given product to keep your member status.

This may be fine if their products fly off the shelves like hotcakes, but it’s more probable that you’ll be with inventory you don’t want.

Does that strike you as odd?

You can now see why the majority of members end up losing money.

The Majority Of The Members Fail

As with most stratified marketing (MLM) businesses, the overwhelming majority of its members as high as 98% often fail or quit.

Now, for those interested in stratified marketing and can sell ice to an Eskimo, then you may have a chance at becoming successful.

However, in most cases, those who started participating in the activity at its earliest stages are those that end up with the greatest financial rewards.

Items That Are Only Available To Members Of The Club

It may be my lack of common sense, but I need to understand why 7K Metals restricts the purchase of precious metals to its members exclusively.

Something doesn’t quite add up when you have to spend substantial money upfront for membership to purchase anything else.

Market Capacity Is Extremely Limited

This is something that 7K Metals itself has verified.

Selling metals such as silver and gold is not a walk in the park. People don’t purchase them because they’re amusing; rather, their primary motivation is to increase their long-term financial security.

It seems a very risky proposition, particularly if you have to know more about the gold trading market.

All Of The Affordable Products Have Been Purchased

Given the recent situation of affairs, the market for precious metals limited and may even be contracting at this point. This is something that 7K Metals itself has verified.

7k Metals Complaints & Lawsuit Issues

Some customers have had bad experiences with 7k Metals, and there have been complaints from them. Also, there may have been some lawsuits that the company had to deal with in the past. We’ll look into these issues in more detail.


This company does not have any lawsuits. At least for the time being, that is. Being a company in precious metals, there is always the chance that someone will try and sue you.

Currently, this is not the case for 7k Metals, who have a spotless record when it comes to legal battles. At this point, both the company and investors can hope for the best. The best being that this record stays like this for the foreseeable future.

Complains & Customer Feedback

Let’s discuss the concerns and feedback that customers have shared regarding 7K Metals.

  1. Concerns About Individuals – This is on the mention of Phil Godlewski. His name raises concerns about trustworthiness. Phil has been called a predator and a con artist many times. He has quite the reputation as a grafter. Whether this reflects the integrity of the company remains to be seen. The fact is that they are willing to let someone with this reputation into their company. Who knows what else they might do?
  2. Network Marketing – There are many talks of the company being a marketing company. This suggests that the company employs network marketing or multi-level marketing.
    Many people have gone on to express dissatisfaction with persistent and intrusive sales tactics. They also indicate a negative experience with network marketing sellers. This may be the case as the company is not that well known compared to the others. It may hire less talented individuals.
  3. Communication Challenges – There have been many complaints about difficulties in contacting key individuals. At least within the company. This raises concerns about customer communication and service. Customers are finding it challenging to connect with the relevant parties. This is especially so for inquiries. It may impact their overall experience.


You know that the stratified marketing opportunity is not a pyramid scheme or a fraud. However, you know why I do not suggest that you work with this organization.

Yes, 7K Metals provides you with some things you can sell, and you can make some money through this opportunity.

The fact that this company’s products and services are so pricey, though, is a major drawback. As I’ve already mentioned, you could make money here, but it will take a long time.

It isn’t easy to sell items and invite people to join this company, particularly given how much it costs and that only some are interested in purchasing gold and coins.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • Reliable and trustworthy representatives
  • Bonuses for new clients
  • Setting up an account is efficient
  • Account support and access via multiple devices


  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000
If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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