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At Virginia Megaprojects, I aim to empower individuals with reliable information and resources to make informed decisions in the gold market.

I strive to provide comprehensive coverage of gold IRA companies, precious metals dealers, and news regarding the industry. This is done to help my readers navigate the complex and exciting world of gold investing.

This industry is ever-expanding, and various companies open up and shut down. My job is to keep track of all these developments so that you can utilize the knowledge fully.

My site is dedicated to providing unbiased, reliable, and valuable information. Whether you are a seasoned gold investor or starting out, it does not matter.

Virginia Megaprojects will no doubt be your trusted source for all things related to gold &precious metals.

Join me on this exciting journey and get the best information possible. You will get the information you seek, from company reviews to gold prices.


As the owner of Virginia Megaprojects, I am dedicated to providing a unique and valuable perspective on gold investing.

I invite you to join me on this exciting journey as I will uncover the mysteries of the gold market together.

As I will explain later, I began this blog because I personally went through hard times during the Great Recession.

I could stay financially stable only due to some helpful insight into gold and IRAs. I try to relay any viable information to my readers so they do not have to deal with my hardships in these uncertain times.

That being said, here are a few ways that reading my blogs and articles can help you.

First of all, I cover a variety of Gold News. You can stay updated with the latest developments in the gold market.

I cover everything from global economic trends to geopolitical events. I provide timely updates and analysis to help you understand the factors that impact the price of gold for your convenience.

Additionally, I keep tabs on trusted gold IRA companies. As a retired automotive engineer, I know a good company when I see one.

As an experienced gold investor, I have researched and evaluated numerous gold IRA companies.

I share my findings and recommendations on reliable precious metals dealers to help you choose a reliable and reputable provider for your retirement savings.

Expanding on these companies are various company reviews. I approach gold investing with a careful and open mind. I will provide in-depth reviews of gold mining companies, precious metal dealers, and related businesses.

Most of the information I will provide will be based on their reputation, services, operations, and financials. I also look into industry trends to help you make informed investment decisions.

As a resident of Richmond, I understand the importance of having access to reliable local precious metals dealers. I found it very difficult to find a reputable dealer when I first started.

Now that I have a better grip on the topic, I share information on reputable dealers all over the United States!

Using the same criteria above, I will discuss only the best dealers in your area. I do all of this so you can buy and sell gold confidently, knowing you will not get scammed.

Affiliated And Sponsors

As the owner of Virginia Megaprojects, I have always believed in providing valuable information to my readers without needing a membership site or selling my products.

Instead, I use my blog to generate revenue through advertising and affiliate programs. This allows me to cover the costs of hosting, editing, and other operational expenses.

This is necessary if you want to maintain a top-notch blog like mine. This approach allows me to maintain the integrity of my content. I can then deliver unbiased information to my readers while keeping my blog sustainable.

Read my Full Disclosure Policy.

Who Am I?

My name is Martin Thomas, and welcome to Virginia Megaprojects! I am the proud owner of this blog.

I was a seasoned automotive engineer and spent decades designing machines with precision and care.

I am fortunate to call the vibrant city of Richmond my home, where I have built a successful career and now enjoy my retirement at 68.

Growing up, I was curious and analytical, as I always wanted to learn new things. My parents taught me the values of hard work and diligence. They encouraged me to pursue my interests and my studies.

Eventually, these qualities led me to a successful career as an automotive engineer. All of this developed into a strong work ethic.

It further translated into a passion for continuous learning. These values continue to guide me as I navigate the world of gold investing and share my knowledge with others through Virginia Megaprojects.

My journey into gold investing began during the challenging times of the Great Recession. Like many others, I experienced the financial crisis’s impact firsthand, leaving me seeking ways to protect my hard-earned savings.

Through extensive research and careful consideration, I discovered the potential of gold and gold IRA. Their investments proved to form a reliable and tangible asset during economic uncertainty.

My passion for gold investing grew as I gained more experience in the field. Inspired, I decided to share my knowledge and insights with others interested in the world of gold.

Hence, Virginia Megaprojects was born. I use this blog platform to provide valuable information for people seeking to navigate the complex world of gold investing.

When I am not immersed in gold investing, you can often find me indulging in my hobbies of RVing and camping. I love exploring the great outdoors, discovering new places, and enjoying the serenity and beauty of nature.

Like my approach to gold investing, I believe in proper research and planning for my camping trips. This is why I carry out my trips with precision and attention to detail!

I was also fortunate to have parents who encouraged me to appreciate the beauty of nature and enjoy outdoor activities. Through them, I was able to be instilled with the various outdoor activities I carry out in my free time.

Contact Me

If you have any issues or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me! Make sure to report any problems related to the content or technical issues so that I can assist you at my earliest!

I have provided it below for your convenience. I value feedback and am committed to providing prompt and helpful support.

I aim to ensure your experience on my platform is seamless and enjoyable! Feel free to contact me using the email address.

Email: martinthomas@vamegaprojects.com

Learn wisely and happy investing!

Martin Thomas

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