Birch Gold Group Review

Gaining ownership of precious metals like gold and silver has become a popular way to diversify investors’ portfolios.

As an investor, you may have heard the buzz about new precious metal IRA companies on the market. Birch Gold Group is your best bet if you’re looking for a reputable and authentic precious metal IRA company.

Birch Gold Group has been serving the precious metals community since 2003. They provide industry-leading information, technical analysis, and investment advisory services. The IRA gold dealer is dedicated to providing its customers with the best service possible.

I understand that it can be challenging to sift through all of the information; I’ve put together this review so you can better understand what sets them apart from their competitors.

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Diving into a gold investment can feel overwhelming, but you’re not alone. I am here to guide you to a safe and smart decision.

It’s super important to pick a trustworthy and helpful company with your investment.

That’s why I’ve picked out the best companies to invest in gold. I want to ensure that you find the right fit without any stress.

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About Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group is a precious metals and commodities trading company headquartered in Burbank, California, with branch offices in New York.

The company aims to be the best IRA gold company in the world by offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

The company was established in 2003 to protect customers’ portfolios against inflation. Birch Gold Group’s primary market is the United States, and they specialize in gold, platinum, silver, and palladium.

The company offers precious metals for placement in an IRA through its website. In addition, they offer investment advice and education to help clients make informed decisions when investing in precious metals.

Birch Gold Group is exceptionally transparent and honest in its dealings. The firm takes pride in providing every customer with personal attention, ready to answer questions and other issues related to their investment.

Services Offered By Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group offers several different options for investors looking for a way to diversify their portfolio and add precious metals to it.

The company offers a variety of products, from physical metals to IRA rollover services. With the help of its experienced professionals, the company helps you easily invest in precious metals.

Physical Metals

You can invest in gold, silver, palladium, or platinum bars. There are physical gold and silver bullions and coins. Their coins include the Indian Head Eagle, Canada Maple Leaf, and American Eagle.

All these metals come with the same benefits as other gold and silver products sold in the market. For example, you can earn an annual yield on your investment with each purchase of gold or silver.

You won’t have to worry about transferring the product into another account or storing it until you are ready to sell it later.

Following IRS standards, precious metals like gold and silver require storage. Birch Group works with Delaware Depository and International Depository services for safe and secure storage of your purchased physical metal.

IRA Rollover Services

Birch Gold Group is the best choice if you’re looking for an IRA rollover solution for your retirement savings account. These enable you to use a 401K to fund your IRA.

They also offer education programs for their clients. Their custodians are audited annually by independent firms and are approved by the IRS.

Minimum Investment And Associated Fees

You can invest in precious metals with an individual retirement account (IRA) such as a gold IRA. These tax-advantaged investment accounts have many benefits and provide excellent options to grow your money.

Not all precious metal firms are created equal, so it’s important to know what makes Birch Gold Group stand out from the rest in the field.

As we all know, many investment products have associated fees. Birch Gold Group’s custodians charge a very low fee structure compared to many other precious metals dealers.

Birch Gold Group Company offers several different models of IRAs, each with minimum investment levels. The minimums vary by the type of IRA you choose and the amount you choose to invest. Check out the table below.

Service: Minimum Investment: Actual Custodian Fees:
Precious Metal IRA $10,000 $180
Non-IRA $10,000 $0

Setting Up Your Gold IRA Account

Many clients prefer to work with Equity Trust, the company’s primary custodian partner. Equity Trust has been in business for over 45 years and charges affordable fees.

The company is a trusted SDRIA custodian, in business for more than 45 years, and their fees are very competitive. If you choose Equity Trust, a fee of $50 is charged in the account set up, and a wire transfer fee of $30, accumulating to a total of an $80 annual custodian fee.

Gold IRA Depository Fees

If you choose to invest in precious metals, you must pay storage fees; of course, you can’t privately store them.

As discussed above, an IRA-approved depository must securely store the precious metal. You can suggest the depository partner or choose from Birch Gold Group’s depository partners– either DDSC, IDS, or Brinks.

The storage fees can vary, especially if you choose another depository. However, the standard annual fee is $100, with an additional maintenance fee of $80.

Birch Gold Group Features

  • Physical Precious Metals: Unlike many dealers who only sell paper products, Birch Gold Group offers precious physical metals like gold and silver bars and coins.
  • Investment Options: There are several investment options available for each precious metal. Investors can choose the product type best for their needs and risk tolerance.
  • Low Fees: With the low fees, this company is an excellent choice for people just starting with precious metals investing.
  • Easy To Use: All products are listed on the website, making it easy to compare and select the best products.
  • Security: All gold and silver products are stored in a secure vault.
  • Competitive Prices: The company boasts low pricing and payment terms, making it an attractive option for investors of all types.

Pros And Cons Of Using Birch Gold Group


  • A variety of educational resources.
  • Great customer service.
  • Extensive business experience.
  • Has received a 5-star review rating from multiple customer review platforms and has been awarded A+ by the Better Business Bureau.
  • Variety of precious physical metals.
  • Does not charge fees for rollovers above $50,000 in the first year.


  • Only caters to US investors.
  • Despite mentioning the setup charges and annual fees on their website, they do not indicate the specific price.

Who Is Birch Gold Group Best For?

Birch Gold Group is a precious metals firm that helps investors and collectors get the most out of their investments. They guide you toward the best options and provide a wealth of educational resources.

The company has been around for more than 20 years; they are top-rated by many publications. Their financial knowledge and expertise are unmatched in the industry.

Birch Gold Group may be a good fit for you if you’re looking for an IRA-based gold firm with a wide variety of investment options. They deal with custodians and depositories on your behalf. You can trust them on all the IRA account paperwork since they have a team of IRA specialists.

What Makes This IRA Firm So Special?

You might wonder why you should choose Birch Gold Group as your precious metal or gold IRA firm. After all, there are plenty of other precious metal IRAs out there.

So what makes Birch Gold Group stand out from the rest? Here are just a few reasons why you should select Birch Gold Group for purchasing precious metals through an IRA.

1. Dedicated To Educating Their Clients

Birch Gold Group is a precious metal IRA firm with a unique focus on education and customer service. The company strives to provide its clients with the best financial advice while also providing education on the benefits of gold and silver as an investment vehicle.

2. Team Of IRA Specialists

Birch Gold Group has a team of experienced specialists to help set up and manage your account and handle all the paperwork.

3. Top-Tier Employee Pedigree

Birch Gold Group professionals have extensive experience as financial advisors, commodities brokers, and wealth managers.

4. Various Endorsements

Those who follow business trends can second us when we say many media services have endorsed Birch Gold Group. Ben Shapiro Show has been at the forefront in endorsing the firm.


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Birch Gold Group Alternatives

Like any other business, Birch Gold Group has competitors. Here are some alternatives:

Customer Reviews And Trust Factor

Birch Gold Group has been in business for several years. This means that they have built a strong reputation and have many positive customer reviews. The company has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 122 reviews on TrustPilot, a trusted online review site.

Customers report positive experiences with this company. Furthermore, many customers note that this company’s product descriptions and information are accurate. This means that you can be confident in your purchase and that you’ll be receiving the product that you expect.

Additionally, customers appreciate the wide variety of purchasing options, including the ability to pay with a wire transfer. It can make it easier for customers to invest in rare metals, even if they don’t have a lot of funds in their bank accounts.

In over 11 years, only 11 complaints were filed and fully resolved. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an AAA from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).

Birch Gold Group Complaints & Lawsuit Issues

Birch Gold Group aims to empower its customers through education and foster open and transparent communication. This approach encourages customers to express their goals and concerns freely. However, it is important to note that the company has faced legal lawsuits and complaints.

Legal Issues

As a potential investor, you might feel this company is for you. Yet, the company has dealt with many legal cases over the years. Here are all the ones which were available on the internet.

1. Walter Mitchell Case:

One Mr. Mitchell also claimed civil rights violations by Birch Gold Group. The case took an interesting turn. After 6 months, Mr. Mitchell requested dismissal. This was very similar to the previous case mentioned earlier.

It was later revealed that the case came with prejudice, so Walter could not file another future case. This is at least for the same alleged violations.

2. David Weinberger Case

This case alleged civil rights violations by Birch Gold Group. Yet, it seems that the case has been resolved. The lack of meetings and the plaintiff’s dismissal request indicated this.

Currently, the court status is labeled “other”. The details surrounding the resolution remain undisclosed. It was confirmed that whatever the case was, it had been dropped.

3. Richard Stites Case:

Yet another labor dispute involving wrongful termination. Mr. Stites was able to settle outside the courts. This led to the case being dismissed.

4. Stephanie Alexander Case:

Here, the firm is the one that initiated a personal injury lawsuit. They did so against one Stephanie Alexander. The case status is currently not classified. This suggests that a potential settlement was reached outside of the courts.

5. Christopher Moore Case:

This was a labor dispute filed by Mr. Moore, which alleged that Birch Gold Group did not pay the wages. The case concluded with a settlement, meaning the company caved in and decided to pay up.

6. Curtis Davis Case:

This case has alleged various claims against the company. Here, the company decided to compel arbitration. Currently, the case is pending the completion of arbitration.

Complaints Against Birch Gold Group

To wrap up this section on Birch Gold Group, here is a list of various complaints that people have raised:

  1. Markup Concerns – An investor perceived lack of transparency. He did so when dealing with the company. They went on to suggest selling certain products at a significant markup.
  2. Politics in Advertisements – One client raised concerns about an advertisement. The company had launched it, which was against the Democrats.
    The client found the commercial’s negative remarks about Democrats offensive. He then went on to express their intention to take their business elsewhere. If a company can be biased to this extent, you should be on your toes.
  3. Product Quality – A less-than-satisfactory experience was shared. These detailed challenges related to an account being shifted to a third party.

This led to difficulties in metal removal and the discovery of inferior products. The client’s cautionary advice implies potential pitfalls, especially for those entering the precious metals investment arena for the first time.

Storage Options

After purchasing your precious metal, you may be wondering how you could protect them. Choosing Birch Gold Group means choosing the world’s leading depository services.

They have partnered with depository companies across the country, giving you options to choose where to store your precious metals. Some storage options include:

Option 1: Delaware Depository

With over 200 years of depository experience, the company is fully licensed by the CME Group. A team of professionals inspect, record, and keep detailed information on each storage. The company is fully covered by a broad insurance policy.

Their stores are securely located in Wilmington, Delaware and Seal Beach, California. Your precious metals are stored in secure vaults with protected codes.

Option 2: Brink’s Global Services

Safe transportation is vital. When you hear of Brink Global Services, think of armored trucks. The company provides its services to the government, jewelry stores, and banks, indicating depository services. They have safe depositories in Los Angeles, New York City, and Salt Lake City.

Ongoing Promotion

For your first year, exclusive promotions and incentives are waiting for you to set up an account with Birch Gold Group. Promotions change over time, so it’s best if you check for the most recent ones.

  • The firm offers free shipping for all purchases over $10,000.
  • Birch Group Company provides up to $10,000 in free precious metals for qualified purchases.
  • They cover all fees on IRAs with over $50,000 valuation.

Note that the promotions change with time. It would be best to ask your representative which promotions you might qualify for.

How To Get Started With Birch Gold Group

If you have made up your mind and made an informed decision on the type of investment you would like to make, it’s time to roll over your retirement account.

Birch Gold Group makes the process easy and pleasant for their new customers. You will meet a specialist who will assist you with the purchasing process.

If you want to get started, the process is relatively simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Discuss your specific goals and motivation with a specialist. Before you start, a specialist takes you through what’s involved with buying precious metals with an IRA account. The specialist discusses your specific goals and motivation to determine if this is the right option for you.
  2. The specialist presents various options, including several types of metals at different prices and their traits (such as gold vs. silver). If there isn’t something that meets your needs right now, they will help you figure it out.
  3. The specialist evaluates the eligibility of the new Birch Gold Group retirement account you wish to create.
  4. You are directed on how to create the account with a custodian and wire your payments to the account. You will be provided with different custodians like Equity Trust. The Birch Gold Group team will handle any further paperwork.
  5. Any funds from existing accounts would roll over to your new account. With the help of Birch Gold Group experts, you will easily walk through the details for immediate accomplishment.
  6. Once the account has been set up, the specialist will purchase your precious metals and arrange them for storage.

If you prefer cash payments, you must send your funds through the bank or a check to Birch Gold Group Company. All the other procedures will be followed as discussed above.

Gold Buy-Back Program

Birch Gold Group has got you if you need to liquidate the precious metal in your account. The company always has a buyer in hand. The company provides the best buy-back program with no additional charges like the ones many other IRA gold companies have.

The program allows clients to sell their precious metals for cash, get paid instantly, and receive a tracking number for delivery.

Is Birch Gold Group Worth Investment?

Retirement savers often use IRAs to gain tax advantages when investing in precious metals. IRAs allow investors to make deductible contributions to the IRA account each year. This means that you can earn without paying income tax while contributing to your IRA.

In addition to allowing investors to pay lower taxes, IRAs diversify your investment portfolio, making it less likely to suffer losses in an economic crisis.

With the correct investment in Birch Gold Group, you can protect your portfolio against inflation. You can also ensure your financial future isn’t dependent on one particular investment trend or industry.

Their low minimum investment amount ($10,000) makes Birch Gold Group an attractive option for those who want to diversify their portfolios. It makes it easy to invest while minimizing risk exposure on your investments.

Birch Gold Group offers a full-service experience that includes an online platform for purchasing precious metals while taking care of your account papers.

They have partnered with IRA-approved depositories for storage services for their clients’ holdings across the United States. I assure you are in safe hands with Birch Gold Group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is Birch Gold Group Legit?

Yes. The company has an A++ rating from the Better Business Bureau, meaning that the firm is rated positively by all three accrediting agencies.

Having been in business for over 20 years, Birch Gold Group has gained a positive reputation among investors and professionals who’ve used its services.

Q2: What Is The IRA Minimum Investment In Birch Gold Group?

Many investors do not have enough money to invest in precious metals, so they open a traditional IRA account and put their money into other investments.

If you are looking for a way to invest your retirement funds, Birch Gold Group has made it easy for you to get started with IRA rollovers. The minimum investment in Birch Gold Group is $10,000 for IRAs or retirement accounts.

Q3: Which Custodian Does Birch Gold Group Work With For Rollovers?

The company has partnered with Equity Trust, which has worked in the precious metals space for over 40 years. The company has been recognized as one of the top 50 custodians in America by American Banker magazine for five consecutive years.

Q4: What Are Some Financial Benefits Of Investing In Gold With Birch Gold Group?

Investing in gold can provide numerous financial benefits to investors. Gold provides insurance against inflation and economic downturns. It is widely seen as a safe investment during times of economic uncertainty.

Birch Gold Group also provides liquidity to investors and helps them earn interest on their holdings.

Q5: Where Can I Store My IRA’s Precious Metals?

Accounts at Birch Gold Group are held in the trust department of either Brinks or the Delaware Depository. Brinks is the leading provider of precious metals storage, security, and logistics services for financial institutions and industry leaders worldwide.

Delaware Depository is a global leader in securities processing and clearing services for investment managers, brokers, and firms.

Final Verdict

Customers report positive experiences of purchasing products and customer service with Birch Gold Group. We explored the history of the company, its operations, and how they can help you find precious metal IRAs that are right for you.

Now that you know more about this company, it’s time to make an investment decision. This is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and protect your investment against inflation.

I hope you find this review helpful in your quest for the best precious metals IRA provider.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • Reliable and trustworthy representatives
  • Bonuses for new clients
  • Setting up an account is efficient
  • Account support and access via multiple devices


  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000
If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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