Can I Take Physical Possession Of Gold In My IRA?

There’s always a likelihood of inflation of currencies or other fluctuations in the American market.

So, many investors, big firms, and individuals with a lot to lose now diversify their incomes by storing them in valuables like gold, silver, and diamonds.

It is a proven way of safeguarding one’s assets because gold and other valuable metals have a more stable worth compared to other currencies.

And so, with the various gold IRAs, you can safeguard your income instead of losing it to a volatile economy. However, there is a wide misconception about the general mode of operation regarding access to physical gold.

Gold is a very precious and well sought-after jewel, and although it secures your money in terms of valuation, it takes immense security to guide and protect the gold.

That is why the Internal Revenue Service has placed strict policies on the individual possession of physical IRA gold.

You can take possession of gold in your retirement account, but safeguarding it has its own IRS requirements that you have to meet.

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How Gold IRA Works

Many workers open an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to help them save for retirement. It’s necessary because, as a worker, the fortune you’d realize after retirement might not be up to what you expected.

It may be because of market crises and other financial fluctuations that might have reduced the worth of IRA accounts. So the role of gold or precious metals IRA comes in. It’s similar to the normal IRA but different regarding the saved currency.

Rather than saving your fortune in paper assets, stocks, and other currencies, your income is saved as physical bullion gold bars.

Although there are fluctuations, the price of gold is usually on a rising scale in the market, so the worth will increase on an average over time. So, it helps to safeguard your retirement funds. As a plus, sometimes it might even appreciate the funds slightly.

A gold IRA is an individual retirement account where you invest gold and even some other valuable metals. The fee attached to a gold IRA account is usually higher than that associated with a normal IRA account that invests mainly in stocks.

Gold IRA still has its quirks and requirements to be met, but in all, it is a good retirement savings plan if you want to be immune to inflation.

Can I Have Physical Gold In My IRA?

Yes, if you intend to have physical gold in your IRA, you can. You can put in your gold through an Individual Retirement Account you direct.

With this type of account, you’d be able to invest your gold or another precious metal of your choice. However, like every other retirement account, a gold IRA has requirements you must meet before you’re eligible.

My point of discussion now is not just if one can have physical gold in the IRA but “how” one can have physical gold in the IRA. Notwithstanding, two Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines exist for investing in gold.

Internal Revenue Service Terms To Be Met Before Investing In Gold

You can invest in only gold categories that are IRS-approved. According to the IRS, the gold should be refined bullion with certain qualities.

Although the Liston requirements change from time to time, there are certain IRS gold criteria that the gold standard should meet, which are listed below:

  • The company producing the gold must be nationally accredited (Gold from black markets and other unknown sources are not accepted).
  • The gold should be of about 99.5% purity.
  • The gold bars must come with a certificate to prove the authenticity.
  • There should be unity in the dimensions and weight of the gold bars. Everything should be the same.
  • Bars or coins are to be in complete original packaging.
  • The gold coins should be free from ruins and uncirculated.

Secondly, and very importantly, you should note that you cannot store the gold yourself even though you’re the owner. Gold is to be stored and safeguarded in IRS-approved storehouses or in a depository that is off-site.

If you’re confused about a depository, the custodian of your gold IRA can help with authentic recommendations.

How To Take Physical Possession Of Gold In An IRA

Even as I am trying to answer your question about the possibility of taking physical possession of your gold in the IRA, another important issue that should follow up is “when?” and “at what cost?”.

Firstly, the IRS recommends that the gold should not be physically in your possession, although it is yours.

And as such, it is best to safeguard it at an off-site depository. However, you’ve got two options to access your physical gold if you meet the requirements.

You can access the physical bars, liquidate the asset, or withdraw the equivalence in cash.

Notwithstanding, to access your physical gold, or “tale distributions” as it is called, you must be 59.5 and above in age.

Any distributions you take from your IRA before then will attract a penalty fee of about 10% of your entire worth of assets, but the ball is in your court anyways.

To liquidate the asset, you must follow some processes and procedures to convert your gold to its cash equivalent.


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Why Should I Hold Gold In My IRA?

Stocking your Individual Retirement Account with physical gold might be a wise way to secure your retirement as it has many advantages.

Ranging from providing a shield against inflation to giving monetary benefits, below are some reasons why gold IRA might be just for you.

1. A Shield From Inflation

The foreign exchange market is a very unstable one. No matter how strong the currency is, inflation has no immunity.

Even the dollar, the most stable of currencies, sometimes suffers inflation. You might suffer a great financial loss if the dollar has greatly reduced during your withdrawal.

However, gold can save you from such losses as it is more stable, and its value usually outpaces the dollar.

2. Diversifying Your Funds

It is risky to have just one financial investment. What if it crashes?

Well, for those finding it difficult to get an investment plan, you can easily invest valuable gold via gold IRA companies, reducing the financial risk posed by unitary investments.

3. Growing Your Wealth

Over the years, gold’s value has been known to grow over time. But sometimes, it goes down in value, so you should study the charts very well and make your analysis.

If the gold value has risen as of when you’d need your investment, you can make a lot by saving gold in your IRA.

4. Shield From Economic Crises

If your investments are stored in gold, you’d be immune or sparsely affected by any economic downfall, especially one that has to do with the stock market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Long Does It Take To Open A Gold IRA?

The process involved in opening a gold IRA isn’t difficult or lengthy.

With most gold IRA companies, you can complete the process within a few minutes and get the account up and running within just one business day.

The opening process should only take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Q2: Are There Disadvantages To Having A Gold IRA?

Even though it’s a very good idea to have a gold individual retirement account because of the many benefits, it still has its disadvantages.

For example, there are funding restrictions you have to deal with, and you may have to pay higher fees. Also, there is no income with a tax advantage since interests and dividends are not paid.

Q3: How Can I Sell Off My Gold After Taking Possession Of It?

If you choose to liquidate your gold property and cash in the precious metals, you must do it correctly to avoid any monetary loss or law infringement.

There are mainly three ways you can sell off gold. It’s either you sell to a local jeweler, a bullion pawn shop, or a well-reputed online dealer.

Each of the above options has different situations and priorities they are best suited for. However, if you want maximum gains from selling your gold, it’s best to sell to an online buyer.


If you’re not sure if including physical gold in your IRA is your best bet for your financial credibility or if you have other reasons not to want it in your IRA, it is normal.

But do well to seek a financial accountant or a qualified personnel to act as an advisor if you don’t have one already. They’d help give you advice on certain financial goals that can help safeguard your finances.

On the other hand, if you’re convinced of getting a gold IRA account, ensure you select a credible custodian.

These custodians are companies you whose services you can employ to help manage your gold in IRA. They’d answer your every question and tell you how to go about everything upon your request.

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