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Virginia Megaprojects places significance on delivering a seamless experience. It also offers a personalized browsing experience to readers and visitors. To achieve this, cookies are leveraged. These cookies serve various purposes.

This can range from:

  1. Enhancing functionality
  2. Gathering valuable information
  3. Maintaining User Preferences

On this page, you can explore this commitment to transparency as well as the scope of our Cookie Policy.

A Commitment To Transparency

Transparency is at the core of operations at Virginia Megaprojects. There is great importance when it comes to providing clarity regarding the use of cookies. Cookies are employed to remember your previous visits as well as keep you logged in. They also help the site understand the number of new visitors received each month.

Importantly, cookies do not store personal information. Things such as your name or contact details are not kept. Instead, they contain data related to the usage of your computer.

Scope Of The Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy applies to all parts of the website. By accessing the site on any device, you agree to be bound by this policy. Regular reviews and updates are made to the Cookie Policy. These are to align with relevant regulations.

Any modifications or amendments to this policy will be promptly posted. Your continued use of the website signifies your acceptance of the updated policy.

Managing Your Cookie Preferences

It is good to note that disabling cookies may impact your browsing experience. You can also end up limiting and ending certain features of the website.

Therefore, it is recommended that you accept the cookie policy and make sure to read it thoroughly. To manage your cookie preferences, you can adjust the settings in your browser.

The following links guide how to control cookies for popular browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer –
  2. Chrome –
  3. Firefox –
  4. Opera –
  5. Safari –
  6. Microsoft Edge –

Types Of Cookies Utilized

At Virginia Megaprojects, we employ various types of cookies. Here are the cookies as well as a small snippet of their uses.

  1. Personalization Cookies: These cookies recognize repeat visitors and contribute to a personalized experience.
  2. Analytics Cookies: Utilized for continuous improvement, they provide insights into user behavior and preferences.
  3. Google Analytics: A widely used analytics platform that offers valuable insights into user behavior.
  4. Third Party Service Cookies: These cookies facilitate seamless integration and enhance user experience.
  5. Ad and Management Cookies: Aids in the establishment of services such as Doubleclick and Google Adsense.
  6. Site Management Cookies: It is essential for smooth site operation and crucial for functionalities. This includes features such as logging in and utilizing commenting features.

Privacy Priority And Transparency

Your privacy is also a top priority at Virginia Megaprojects. This is why there is major transparency in the use of cookies. There is also the assurance that your personal information is secure. The types of cookies employed are designed to optimize your browsing experience. They also aid in respecting your privacy.

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