DBS Coins Review

Embarking on a journey into precious metals is no easy task. This DBS Coins review will highlight this family-owned/operated business. This coin and bullion distribution company has gone to carve its niche in the market.

For this review, you will be shown the distinctive qualities that define DBS Coins. The guide will place a spotlight on the company’s dedication to fulfilling the needs of its buyers.

This exploration will also unravel the company’s many services and will try to shed light on its commitment to delivering top-notch products. DBS Coins takes pride in offering an extensive selection of precious metal products. All of this is combined with unparalleled customer service.

This analysis will also explore how the firm strives to exceed buyer expectations. You will also get a comprehensive overview of the company. This will no doubt help you in deciding on the company.

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DBS Coins Overview

DBS Coins stands out as a family-operated coin and bullion distribution enterprise. They are committed to addressing the unique needs of every buyer in each transaction.

The company caters to both modest investments and substantial purchases. It boasts the capacity and resources to fulfill these diverse requirements.

Gold has always been a go-to for investors seeking liquidity and financial stability. This company recognizes this all too well. In alignment with this, it proudly offers a diverse range of precious metal products. These are products not just made of gold but also from other rarer metals.

The people at DBS Coins are always trying to one-up themselves. They are with you every step of the way and bring lots of satisfaction to their customers. The cornerstone of their operation is built on a foundation of integrity.

The company is also a proud member of groups such as:

  • PCGS Dealer
  • NGC Dealer
  • eBay Seller

Who Owns This Company?

For the past 15 years since the company has been operating, it has been owned and led by David Smoler. This man was born in Aliso Viejo, California, United States. He grew up to specialize in corporate development and customer service.

These are great qualities that a leader of a precious metal firm should possess. Under his leadership, the firm grew to a multi-million dollar company that it is now.

Pros & Cons Of DBS Coins

No matter what company you do business with, you should have a good idea of what to expect from them, and this is the same ideology that you should adopt when it comes to DBS Coins.

This company has plenty of good stuff to offer you, but that being said, there are plenty of pitfalls that you should desperately try your level best to avoid.

This section will talk about all the main things you need to be aware of regarding this company:


  • A large variety of precious metal bullion is available
  • Expected prices are visible on their website
  • Various storage options provided by this business


  • The company has mixed reviews online
  • The firm is not BBB accredited
  • There are a of ton limits when it comes to payment options

What Makes DBS Coins Stand Out?

DBS Coins extends an array of straightforward purchasing processes for its customers. It offers flexibility through both phone and online orders. Buyers must make a non-refundable deposit to secure their order when doing so online.

For those preferring check payments, contacting DBS Coins after checkout is essential. This is mostly because the acceptable forms include bill pay and personal checks.

Once your order is submitted, you will receive payment instructions via email. This is often joined with a confirmation email post-processing. Soon after, you will get another confirmation upon payment receipt. This will mark the initiation of the shipping process.

Customers opting for phone orders engage with DBS Coins’ sales staff. These people will lock in prices, your selected products, and payment details. You will then go on to receive a direct invoice, along with payment instructions.

How Does DBS Coins Work?

Like most precious metal companies, this firm gives its customers education, which they do to ensure that all of its clients operate with the full knowledge. This is because they will need it to carry out their purchases.

The working procedure is overall very simple; you can start by visiting their website and browsing their products, and once you have a particular product or service in mind, you can call them.

This will then begin the process of getting that product/service. You can also simply skip the online browsing and go straight to phone discussions if you want.

What Products & Services Does DBS Coins Offer?

The company does not personally provide IRAs but will link you with its partner custodians. In the same way, they are also in league with various depositories that will store these IRA precious metals.

The main meat of their services is the buying and selling precious metals. In this section, you can take a look at the category of products that you can find on their website:


  • 1/10 oz. Gold Coins
  • South African Krugerrand
  • 1 oz. Gold Coins
  • Royal Canadian Mint


  • 10 Ounce Bars
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • 90% Silver Junk
  • British Silver Coins


  • Maple Leafs
  • 1 Ounce Bars


  • Maple Leafs
  • American Eagle
  • Valcambi

The pricing of these products is always changing. You should try and get a hold of a representative first. This is, of course, if you decide to purchase any products from these categories.

Ways To Purchase Products From DBS Coins

A good company will provide flexibility to its customers. To that end, DBS Coins has various payment options for buying precious metals. These will depend on the order total that you get.

This means you may get locked out of certain options if your order is not within a certain amount. There are only two different payment methods that the company accepts. These are checks and Electronic Bank Wire.

In case it was not obvious, the company will not accept cash. They will also not deal in credit card payments.

How Payment Works

DBS Coins has established a clear payment structure based on the order total. It provides customers with various options to complete their transactions.

Checks are accepted for order totals ranging from $0.01 to $30,000.00. The processing period is set at 5 to 7 business days.

Checks are accepted only on approval for orders within the range of $30,000.01 to $80,000.00. Electronic bank wire payments are widely accepted in this category. The holding period here is 2 to 4 business days.

For orders exceeding $80,000.01, checks are not accepted. However, electronic bank wire payments are accepted. This requires a potential requirement of a deposit. The holding period for funds in this category is 1 to 3 business days.

This payment policy allows customers to choose a suitable payment method. While it is based on their order total, it provides great flexibility.


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Storage Options

DBS Coins extends a secure vault storage option. This is mostly for clients seeking precious metal products in the United States. Furthermore, it aligns with those who want them stored in trusted facilities.

DBS Coins provide the convenience of storing precious metal items in secure locations. Furthermore, it does all over the United States.

Here are a few of their facilities just so you understand the scope of their operation:

  • CNT Depository – Bridgewater MA
  • IDS/Dillon Gage – Dallas TX
  • Brinks – New York, NY
  • IDS/Dillon Gage – Dallas TX
  • DDSC – Wilmington DE

Clients can contact these storage locations directly to establish accounts. They can then proceed to make purchases through DBS Coins. Here, you must designate the chosen facility as the delivery address.

A storage account will be set up at the chosen location. Clients will be notified about this through the company. The company will then carry out a seamless delivery of items to their storage account.

While the company offers these services, it does not own these storage facilities. These facilities are merely partners of the company.

As such, they have varying fees and requirements that you should know. You should look at them before sealing the deal when it comes to storage.

How To Start Investing In A Precious Metals IRA With DBS Coins

DBS Coins streamlines the process of incorporating precious metals into your IRA. The initial step involves contacting approved IRA custodians, who will furnish all necessary paperwork for account opening.

Once the custodian confirms the funded account, they issue a Buy Direction Letter, which is done to signify the availability of funds. DBS is then notified, and they initiate a detailed discussion with the customer about pricing and the precious metal products they want to buy.

Upon price confirmation, a purchase order is generated, which is then shared with the customer and custodian to keep everyone in the loop. The custodian then facilitates payment from the customer’s account. The final step involves shipping the metals to the depository.

As you can see, the entire process is easy and done for you, but if you still are unsure or just want more information, you can contact DBS Coins directly, and the people there will be more than happy to help you.

DBS Coins Reviews, Ratings & Complaints

Typically, finding reviews and customer ratings of the company is fairly simple as there are plenty of sites that offer dozens of reviews regarding the company, but when it comes to DBS Coins, this company has very few customer reviews that impartially talk about the company.

While there are many reviews on the company’s website, it is easy to say that they have been cherry-picked and that the company could have easily avoided some less-than-ideal reviews. With all that out of the way, here is what customers think about the company.

When people talk good about the website, many mention lower-than-average markups. They also talk about how professionals carry out the work they do, and additionally, they claim no shipping and packaging issues. Overall, they say that it is a good company.

On the flip side, some customers report issues with shipping discrepancies, such as products being shipped from different locations. Concerns about communication lapses, which include delays in providing final invoices and tracking numbers, have also been raised.

Negative reviews also touch upon aspects like significant markups, errors in orders, and poor communication. These go against the good reviews mentioned earlier. Some customers explicitly state their decision to avoid future transactions with the company.

Additionally, there are reports of customers receiving orders with broken seals and opened coin tubes, which raises concerns about the integrity of the products. These instances raise questions about the quality control employed by DBS Coins and the validity of the positive reviews mentioned before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I Sell My Precious Metals To DBS Coins?

DBS Coins is one of the few companies you can find that will buy back your precious metals and products from other companies. For this, you do not need to abide by any specifics. All you need to do is contact them and determine a selling price. Then, it is just a matter of sending your bullion and receiving your payment.

Q2: Does DBS Coins Have Any Pending Lawsuits?

The thing about lawsuits is that they can happen at any time. Luckily for the company, at the time of writing this guide, there are no lawsuits that have to be fought. According to various resources on the internet, the company is not in the process of fighting any sort of legal battle.

Q3: Is DBS Coins A Legit Company?

If you have not figured it out, it is safe to say that the company you are dealing with is legit. There are plenty of signs that the company is legit. These are the many great services that they provide. This is on top of the experience they have amassed throughout their many years of service.


At the end of this DBS Coins review, you can easily conclude that the company presents a solid option for those looking for precious metals.

The company has a great systematic approach. From IRA partnerships to approved storage custodians, this company has it all.

While the company provides a satisfactory service, you should always be on edge. The company is good, but there are definitely better options for you to explore. Exploring other avenues may provide you with much better options.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • Reliable and trustworthy representatives
  • Bonuses for new clients
  • Setting up an account is efficient
  • Account support and access via multiple devices


  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000
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