Gold Alliance Review

If you are on a journey through the financial landscape, it might be beneficial for you to check out this Gold Alliance review. This guide unfolds in a way that helps guide you through the distinctive features and services along with unparalleled products that define this company.

They have a very unique position in the realm of precious metals, and each facet unveils a new layer of financial empowerment. Traverse this pathway and discover the richness that waits within the world of Gold Alliance.

Doing so helps you make an excellent decision regarding siding with the company as well as gets you one step closer to the company that is best for you.

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An Overview Of Gold Alliance

Gold Alliance is not just another gold investing firm. It aims to value client goals and privacy above all. They are about empowering hardworking Americans to embrace the tangible benefits of physical precious metals.

The people here aspire to be more than just a precious metals supplier. They envision themselves becoming a trusted friend in the journey toward securing precious metals for retirement savings. They stand, guiding clients with experience and commitment.

Who Owns The Company?

Joseph Sherman not only serves as the CEO but stands as a true partner in the venture. Joseph witnessed the relentless dedication of his father, and from this backdrop, he drew his personal understanding of safeguarding retirement savings.

He pursued his law degree at the University of Tel Aviv, and within him, you will discover not only a CEO but also a passionate advocate and a knowledgeable guide.

Joseph’s mission is to empower the public to secure financial protection. Through lectures and articles, Joseph aims to shed light on the issues arising from the central banks and the decisions of governments.

Joseph is a founding member of the Precious Metals Retail Association and a proud member of the National Ethics Association.

His Partners

Here are all of Joseph’s partners who help him out on a daily basis, without which his company would be in shambles:

Kevin Troy

Kevin Troy is the Director and Partner and brings a wealth of experience and dedication to his role. He commenced his career at JP Morgan Chase. He soon became a partner in one of San Diego’s largest mortgage brokerages.

He graduated from San Diego State University and is currently not just a director and partner but a dedicated professional committed to the financial well-being of clients.

In the aftermath of the dot com crash, he shifted his focus from real estate lending to the realm of precious metals. For the past 15 years, Kevin has been a stalwart in aiding thousands of clients with their savings.

Fred Abadi

As a Director and Partner, Fred Abadi brings a unique blend of experience in business management. Graduating from California State University with a degree in Business Management, he quickly emerged as a motivated business operations leader.

Fred found his niche in precious metals, and with 15 years of dedicated experience in the industry, he is committed to delivering the highest quality of care to his customers. He is a seasoned professional dedicated to personalized service and fostering positive connections with clientele.

6 Reasons You Can Trust Gold Alliance

Here are all the major reasons why you can trust the company with your financial assets and with the interest of investing them into tangible assets.

  1. Starting off, the company has access to a seasoned team of professionals who are dedicated to guiding clients.
  2. A personal touch is that you get a dedicated account executive ready to help you.
  3. The company does not hesitate to give you engaging articles and offer you relevant information
  4. Beyond the transaction, Gold Alliance extends support with paperwork and Required Minimum Distributions from IRAs.
  5. Gold Alliance is about embodying core values like honesty and integrity.
  6. When you choose Gold Alliance, you’re not just a client; you’re a valued member of a community.

Gold Alliance Supports Their Veterans

Gold Alliance does not only just stand out for its commitment to wealth diversification but also for its commendable support for veterans that the government used and tossed aside.

Their dedication to assisting people in diversifying their wealth is matched only by their profound respect for American veterans. To translate their gratitude, they allocate a percentage of their net profits annually to three distinguished organizations that actively contribute to the welfare of veterans.

Aside from this, they are proud supporters of:

  • Wounded Warriors – The Wounded Warriors organization plays a pivotal role in supporting veterans facing physical and mental health challenges.
  • National Veterans Foundation – The National Veterans Foundation provides essential resources and support to ensure a smooth transition to civilian life.

In extending its gratitude beyond words, Gold Alliance not only serves its clients but also contributes meaningfully to the well-being of those who have served the United States. This approach adds a noble touch to the company’s personality. This also gives you even more reason to invest in the company.

How Does Gold Alliance Stand Out In The Business?

This section aims to explore the distinguishing features that set Gold Alliance apart in the realm of precious metals investment.

1. Unmatched Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Gold Alliance is unwavering in its commitment to customer satisfaction. It offers a rare 100% money-back guarantee within the initial seven days for investors who are dissatisfied with their services.

2. Expert Guidance All Across The Board

  • A team of seasoned professionals at Gold Alliance goes beyond mere service provision. They help you by offering invaluable tips and advice on metal investments.

The company’s buyback program reflects a commitment to long-term success and helps in allowing investors flexibility and strategic planning.

3. Transparent And Obligation-Free Processes

  • Gold Alliance takes pride in avoiding hard-selling tactics.
  • They do their best to maintain complete transparency by explicitly outlining the rights and obligations of clients in the user agreement.

Using an upfront approach ensures that clients navigate their investment journey with clarity.

4. Diversified Portfolio Opportunities

  • Recognizing the fluctuating nature of bonds and stock prices, Gold Alliance positions itself as a go-to platform for portfolio diversification.
  • Offering more than just precious metals, Gold Alliance presents the option of investing in a diversified portfolio.
  • Doing so helps in enhancing the platform’s appeal for investors seeking varied assets.
  • A diversified portfolio emerges as a prudent response to market uncertainties.

It also helps in reinforcing the company’s dedication to a secure financial future.

5. Extensive Range Of Precious Metals

  • Gold Alliance tries its best not to limit its clients’ choices.
  • It opens a treasure trove of precious metals in their IRA accounts for customers to explore.

The company extends its offerings to coins from renowned royal mints worldwide, including Canada and Australia.

6. Eligibility And SDIRA Clarification

Gold Alliance presents a diverse range of coins, and it is also forthright about the eligibility criteria for an SDIRA.

Gold Alliance has a lot of distinct features. While a lot of features can also be found elsewhere, you will not be able to find the unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction anywhere else.

The company emerges as a formidable player and aims to offer a comprehensive and strategic approach to precious metals investment.

Pros & Cons Of Gold Alliance

Gold Alliance has a good track record, and that usually translates to a company that has a lot of good to offer to its community. That being said, no community is without fault.

This section will help you understand all the areas that the company excels at and any shortcomings that might cause you issues:


  • You can find tons of useful information on the company website, even for services they do not provide.
  • They have a good range of metals and a wide array of products you can choose from.
  • The company tries its best to maintain your privacy as much as possible.
  • If you order precious metals from this company, you can do so with free shipping in mind.
  • You can find IRA-eligible precious metals along with normal ones that are less pure.
  • Most of the reviews that the company has received are very positive.
  • The company has been around for around two decades and has a lot of experience.


  • The company does not show any prices for their products on their website, which is very inconvenient.
  • Despite being available for a long time, it has relatively few reviews.
  • Their website does not have a chat or 24/7 support to initiate contact.


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Products Offered By Gold Alliance

A variety of products await you when you visit this company or even browse the store on their website.

To help you get into the company and see which products they have, this section will provide you with the variety of metals they have and the type of products you can get.

Precious Metals

Here are all four precious metals that you can purchase if you decide to from the company:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium


When it comes to the metals listed above, here is a quick list that details the type of products that you can get from the company:

  • Coins
  • 90% Silver
  • Bars
  • IRA Eligible Metals
  • Collectibles
  • Common Bullion
  • Low Mintage

Services Offered By Gold Alliance

If you want to learn more about the company, particularly when it comes to their services, this section is perfect for you.

Here, the guide will go in-depth to see the services that the company provides:

1. Gold IRAs – A Strategic Investment Route

  • Gold Alliance specializes in facilitating gold IRAs and even goes so far as to offer a self-directed investment avenue.

Get alternative investments that are devoid of tax penalties or consequences.

2. Direct Delivery & Security Measures

  • Gold Alliance extends a direct delivery purchase option for gold and silver.
  • The company employs reputable carriers like USPS and FedEx.

Purchases are securely delivered to investors or their chosen depository.

3. Dedicated Portfolio Management

  • Client support is taken to the next level with a dedicated portfolio management team.
  • This team provides lifelong support and offers personalized assistance to clients.
  • Portfolio rebalancing is done to navigate economic shifts.
  • Additional contributions to the IRA are facilitated.
  • Assistance with paperwork related to metal purchase and storage.

Expert guidance through each and every process.

4. Timely & Informative Updates

  • The company tries to keep investors well-informed.
  • Regular updates on the latest developments in the realm of gold IRAs.
  • These are sent through various channels, such as email and educational articles.

How To Open An Precious Metals IRA In Gold Alliance

Unlock the true potential of precious metals with an IRA. Join with Gold Alliance and navigate through a streamlined three-step journey to open your very own IRA.

Step 1: Open Your Self-Directed IRA With The Help Of The Company

  • Discover the freedom to shape your investment strategy and venture into a self-directed IRA.
  • Self-directed IRA empowers you to redefine your IRA fund allocation.
  • Gold Alliance specialists step in to demystify the workings of a precious metals IRA.
  • Work with these specialists to open your account by providing them with all the required documents and information.
  • Seize control over your asset diversity and explore new horizons by establishing your gold IRA account.

Step 2: Fund Your New Established Account

  • Initiate your precious metals retirement protection plan with a seamless fund transfer. This can be from existing qualified retirement plans.
  • Your funds and precious metals are exclusively under your authority.
  • As you navigate this critical step, the team at Gold Alliance will stand by to provide guidance and expertise.
  • Direct a portion of your wealth into gold and silver with the assurance of error-free transactions facilitated.

Step 3: Select Some IRA Approved Precious Metals

  • The final step involves curating your gold IRA account with carefully selected precious metals.
  • Engage with your dedicated account executive to explore top-performing precious metals and bullion.
  • Uncover options for further diversification.
  • Gold Alliance remains your reliable partner for queries and any additional contributions, such as paperwork assistance and buyback processes.

Still Worry? Get Your Free Guides

By availing of their free guides, you can embark on an enlightening journey where you can learn a lot and work towards securing your retirement. This resource is designed to equip you with valuable insights on leveraging precious metals.

Simply fill out the form available on their website and dive into a wealth of knowledge for enhanced financial diversity.

If you are still not sold, here are some of the benefits that you can hope to achieve:

1. Achieve True Diversification

  • Learn about gold and precious metals as they stand out as assets with minimal correlation.

Understand how to safeguard your purchasing power when stocks and bonds experience fluctuations.

2. Hedge Against Market Corrections And Inflation

  • The company has positioned itself as a valuable hedge against market corrections and inflation.

Use historical data to reveal an inverse correlation between the dollar and the stock market, which you can use to shield yourself when other assets depreciate.

3. Exercise Your Financial Freedom

  • Ownership of gold means direct assertion of control over your finances.
  • Liberate yourself from third-party risks and reclaim autonomy when it comes to your assets.

Do not miss out on this opportunity, as it can help you fortify your financial knowledge and explore the potential of precious metals.

Gold Alliance Reviews, Ratings & Complaints

Over the last 45 years, the company has gone and gained various raving reviews, most, if not all, of which are positive. Boasting a near-perfect rating on the BBB’s website as well as an A+ rating since 2017, you can be sure that the company has your best at heart.

They have received four complaints in the three years, out of which only one has been amended. Complaints range from issues with unsolicited calls to being ripped off, but this could easily be one-offs, and the clients may feel wronged.

The company also claims that it ranked as the #1 Gold company in Inc 5000, but it has now fallen down to beyond 600. Despite this, the fact that it was able to hit that milestone at some point shows just how well the company was doing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does Gold Alliance Have Any Pending Lawsuits?

Gold Alliance does not have any pending lawsuits, so you can do business with the company without any such worries.

Q2: Is Gold Alliance A Reputable Company?

Gold Alliance is a very reputable company that has an A+ rating by the BBB and various customer reviews that can attest to the company’s reputation.

Q3: How Does Gold Alliance Work?

Gold Alliance is a simple precious metal business that works by selling metal products and providing its customers with IRA-related services that will help them expand their portfolio.

Q4: Does Make Huckabee Work With Gold Alliance?

Huckabee does not work with the company in any way at all. He is simply a client who endorses the company happily.

Q5: How Do Gold Alliance Deliver My Precious Metals?

Most shipments will be delivered to your location in up to 10 days via USPS or FedEx. If you have an order above $500, you can get even more options for delivery.


As this Gold Alliance review starts to wrap up, you should be able to see the resounding theme that echoes through the company. Gold Alliance stands tall as a beacon of reliability. The company shows exceptional service and genuine care for clients’ financial well-being.

All of the above, combined with the trail of positive client reviews, serve as a testament to the company’s dedication. In conclusion, Gold Alliance is a trustworthy ally on your financial journey. This is despite the small issues which have been highlighted and the issues raised by a few customers.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • Reliable and trustworthy representatives
  • Bonuses for new clients
  • Setting up an account is efficient
  • Account support and access via multiple devices


  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000
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