GoldSilver has become a go-to firm for those navigating the world of precious metals. Not all seem to think about the company like this, which is why a GoldSilver review is in order. This guide will explore every facet of the company along with its services.

GoldSilver has solidified its reputation as a trusted leader in the industry. Since its start in 2005, they have offered various services. All this is alongside a commitment to educating investors. This goes side by side with them providing top-tier bullion services.

Delve deep into this firm’s services. Uncover their commitment to professional support. You will also come to see their rich repository of educational resources. Furthermore, you can check out their pricing structure. You can be sure that it promises the best value in the market.

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What Is The Story Behind

The Firm established its name in 2005. Since then, this renowned company has amassed a wealth of experience over the years. It has used this to position itself as a trusted provider of precious metal services.

For a quick look at their services, they offer various products. This is on top of private storage and global shipping.

The company presents a diverse selection of bullion products. They can likely cater to a wide range of investor needs. Interested in getting physical metals delivered to your home? Or do you want to have them stored for a rainy day? GoldSilver has you covered.

Their online platform empowers you to buy bars and coins. You can then choose to have them stored within guarded vaults. What sets this firm apart is the 24/7 accessibility to manage your holdings.

Their approach emphasizes direct ownership of physical bullion. Doing so helps in providing you with a low and flat rate structure. This means that you do not have to commit yourself to a contract. Having this procedure ensures that you can sell your precious metals when you want to.

Navigating the world of precious metals is pretty simple with their professional service. You can carry out phone-based orders or call them if you need help. Their dedicated support team is available by phone and also via online chat.

A Wealth Of Educational Resources

GoldSilver also recognizes the importance of educating its investors. To help in doing so, it provides an extensive library of educational videos and guides. They are all known for their clarity and comprehensiveness.

These resources are very helpful for first-time investors. They help in understanding the complex nature of the precious metal industry. Here, you get complex concepts in an accessible and easy-to-understand manner.

Here are a few notable resources that you can get your hands on:

  1. Free Best Selling Book – Get your hands on a globally acclaimed book. Use it to delve into the world of precious metals investment. You will also get compelling reasons to include gold and silver in your portfolio.
  2. A Document Series – This series is “Hidden Secrets of Money”. It sheds light on the roles played by economic cycles and governments. Additionally, it links them to the shaping of the global financial landscape. Use it to equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to navigate the industry.
  3. Up-To-Date News – Keep informed with exclusive reports and breaking news. The topics covered will be stories that every investor should be aware of. Use them to catch up through the newsfeed or to receive updates.

Precious Metal Bullion Prices & Products

This business prides itself on offering a curated selection of investor-grade metals. This means they feature the most sought-after coins and bars. On top of this, they receive low premiums and strong market demand.

This aids in ensuring that selling is as straightforward as buying. You are also given a price guarantee. They promise to match competitors’ prices to provide investors with the best value.

When it comes to their products, you can find a ton of them on their website. You also have a lot of different products available due to their partnership with Auvere. Get your hands on some great pieces of jewelry that are perfect to show off and as an investment.

If you want your hands on standard bullion, do not worry. Here are a few products that you can buy from their website:

Gold Bullion & Products

  • 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 oz American Gold Buffalo Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 oz Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 oz Gold Britannia Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 Kilo Gold Bar – Our Choice

Silver Bullion & Products

  • 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 oz South African Silver Krugerrand Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 oz Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo Coin (Common Date)
  • 1 Kilo Silver Bar – Our Choice (32.15 troy oz)
  • 500 oz Sealed Mint Case Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

Do note that some of these mentioned products may be out of stock. For this reason, it would be wise to give their website a quick check. This way, you can also see their prices.

You can also go and call them or visit them. Additionally, you may also want to check out the Auvere products. You can do that by visiting their website as well.

A lot of people may also want to know where the firm gets their hands on their coins and bullion. The company gets its bullion from various mints, both government and private.

Here are a few examples that provide both gold and silver products to them:

  • Republic Metals Corporation (RMC)
  • People’s Republic of China
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • New Zealand Mint
  • Sunshine Mint
  • South African Mint
  • United States Mint

Company Storage Options

For those who seek the utmost security for their metals, private vaults are available. This form of storage provides all the advantages of owning physical bullion. It also helps in minimizing the risks associated with home storage.

GoldSilver’s integrated storage system offers a seamless blend of security and peace. All this is on top of the ease of electronic trading. With every sale, your assets are both allocated and stored.

Storage occurs in secure private vaults. These vaults use some of the most renowned security providers. Here, you maintain the flexibility to expand your holdings at your convenience. This occurs through a few clicks on your computer or a swift phone call.

You can sell or take physical possession of your metals whenever you please. You can also rest assured that third-party vaulting has some insurance. Regular audits also occur to ensure your investment remains safeguarded.

What sets this storage apart is its genuine physical ownership. Your holdings are 100% allocated and segregated in your name. You only have the third-party vaulting and insurance providing protection. This means there are no fractional arrangements, and you are the sole owner.

The system is also user-friendly. It is accessible via any device, meaning you can watch your portfolio in real-time. Vaults are under the control of either Brinks or International Depository Services Group. These are groups renowned for their solid reputations.

Here are all the cities that have their vaults:

  • Salt Lake City
  • Dallas
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Toronto


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How To Invest With & Open An Account

Now you know what the company offers. You may be wondering how you want to invest with them. Investing in precious metals has always been a risky try. This is especially so when done online. But, GoldSilver has emerged as a game changer.

The firm has done its part, simplifying and streamlining the entire process. They aim to cater to investors who seek to safeguard and grow their wealth. Empowering clients to make the most of their investment strategies. Purchasing gold and silver has never been easier.

Start your journey in investments within an IRA. This is a simple and hassle-free process. This streamlined process can help you get started on your valuable investments.

All you need to do is carry out the procedure below:

Step 1. Open Your IRA Account With The Company

To start your precious metals IRA, choose from any of their supported custodians. For beginners, they recommend Equity Trust. This is because it is a leading name in self-directed IRAs. Another reason is because their expertise ensures a smooth process.

Step 2. Fund Your IRA

Before you can begin investing, you must fund your IRA. This process involves sending your contribution to the custodian. You will have to collaborate with your custodian. Here, you determine the funding method and start the process.

There are many funding options, which include:

  1. Annual Transfers – Contribute online with a quick electronic transfer. Here, you can also opt for traditional checks and wire transfers. You should know that annual contribution amounts are subject to specific limits.
  2. IRA Transfer – This option is only for those with an IRA. Your IRA must also have brokerage. You can then get the option to transfer a part or all your cash to your new account.
  3. Account Rollover – This occurs if you own a 401 ( k ) or another retirement account. It is usually possible to roll over a part of your balance into your new IRA.

Step 3. Invest In Your IRA

With your IRA now funded, it is time to explore the firm’s extensive catalog. The company features a wide array of popular precious metals investment choices. Many of these have already been discussed above.

After making your selections, you need to add them to your cart and proceed to check out. Where you choose your IRA as the destination, all you need to do is provide the name of your custodian and account number. From there, the firm handles the rest.

Payments, Fees & Shipping Costs

The main thing that many people boil down to is the price. At this point, you should know the price of the products. It is time you know the price of shipping as well as any hidden fees.

On the topic of hidden fees, none are present on their website. The company promises that there are no hidden fees. On top of this, most fees are easy to find.

Payment Methods

Once you have your IRA and want to buy some metals, you will find the whole simple. The payment process is both straightforward and secure. Bank wire transfers are the swiftest mode of payment. They also entail no processing fees.

Usually, the processing time for a bank wire transfer is 2 to 4 business days. To secure your order, an initial payment of 5% to your card occurs. You can make this initial deposit using major credit cards such as MasterCard or Visa.

International credit cards and purchases using IRA accounts are also available. Since you have all sorts of ways to pay, you should have no issues whatsoever.

Least & Hidden Fees

The firm does not set a specific smallest limit. This is set by the IRA custodian, who may have one in place. Because of this, you should double-check the exact smallest amount. You should do so with any of the approved IRA custodians.

On the flip side, the largest contribution amount is subject to change. This occurs on an annual basis. Here, you need to check the current IRA contribution limits. Feel free to also call the firm if you have any questions about any changes in the largest value.

If you decide to get vault storage, you will incur some fees. The allocated storage fee is set at 0.06% of the monthly asset value. You may have to pay a set fee depending on your account size as well. This fee starts at $4 for sizes less than $6,666. It can go up to $60 at a $100,000 account size.

Shipping & Delivery

To cater to your preferences, the company provides various delivery options. This includes the convenience of direct doorstep delivery. Delivery happens both in the country as well as abroad. If you deliver within the country, you must pay a flat rate of $25.

This rate only applies if your shipment is less than $499. Once your shipment cost goes over $500, shipping becomes free. International shipping has no fixed rate. For this, the rate shows up at checkout. This is on top of any import fees you may have to manage.

Positives & Negatives Of

GoldSilver has a lot of upsides that you may like. You may also want to take a look at some issues that the company may have. Only by doing so can you then figure out if the company is a good choice for you.


  • Covers both domestic and international shipping
  • A variety of bullion available in gold and silver
  • Complete control of your holdings and metals in storage
  • The website is full of useful information
  • Products available at great prices


  • Business is not BBB accredited and has a bad rating
  • International shipping fees are only mentioned at checkout
  • Only gold and silver products are available
  • Only three providers are available

There is a lot of good that the company offers. You may want to see if the business is perfect for you. This is especially so if you want more exotic products of different metals. You could do better if you plan on ordering from outside the country or do not like their custodians.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is GoldSilver A Scam?

The company is not BBB accredited. It does have a great rating on Trustpilot. This alone makes them a reliable company. Their reputation makes it obvious that they are not a scam. If you are still not convinced, you can read various positive customer reviews on the firm.

Q2: Can I Sell My Bullion To

You can only sell bullion to the company that they themselves are selling. This means that you can sell any purchased bullion from them back to them. You can get a better grasp on this entire concept on their website.

Q3: Does The Company Provide Quantity Discounts?

The business does provide quantity discounts. These only apply to some products and can always change at a moment’s notice. To get the most up-to-date information, you should always check their website!


This GoldSilver review concludes that the company stands out as a reliable partner. It has earned a reputation for providing some of the best services in class. This is on top of their educational resources, which are great as well. Hence, the company is an ideal choice for both new and old investors.

Not only does the company want to help you with your investments, but it also wants to educate you during so. This level of commitment is not seen a lot. While it does have some shortcomings, the choice to partner up with them is up to you.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • Reliable and trustworthy representatives
  • Bonuses for new clients
  • Setting up an account is efficient
  • Account support and access via multiple devices


  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000
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