Hard Assets Alliance Review

This Hard Assets Alliance Review is your gateway into gold investment. You get this through a unique and experienced business! If you’ve ever dreamt of a secure financial future, this is where your journey begins.

The current economy is uncertain, and markets are volatile. Finding a reliable partner in precious metals is more paramount than ever. Hard Assets Alliance offers a bridge to stability for those seeking financial security.

This is not your average gold investment company. Instead, it is your path to safeguarding wealth and building a brighter tomorrow. This guide will be your compass for the intricacies of the company.

In this comprehensive exploration, you can unveil the core mission of this organization. Additionally, you will see the services they provide and how they empower you. This is all done to protect and diversify your precious metal investments.

Ready to take the plunge? Let’s dive in!

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The Story Of Hard Assets Alliance

This company emerged as a response to the potential pitfalls found in the gold industry. Founded by seasoned investment professionals, they had a very clear mission in mind. Hence, they set off to elevate physical gold to a first-class financial asset.

To achieve this, they embarked on a journey to transform how people could access gold. At the start, they envisioned an electronic platform. This would introduce gold to a competitive marketplace and ensure fair price discovery.

Their vision also entailed making gold as liquid as stocks or bonds. They would achieve this while ensuring the highest level of security. In the end, they wanted to act as a trusted agent for clients, making zero compromises at all!

Today, the platform stands as the gold standard for industry. It offers access to genuine, physical precious metals for its clients. This is on top of independent registered investment advisors of all sizes. Additionally, the company also provides their services on the official platform.

The whole journey is full of innovation and commitment to excellence. It is due to this that the company has established itself as a trusted partner. It has done so for brands and those seeking to secure their wealth through precious metals.

Primary Services Of The Company

Being a top-rated company, you can be sure that you will receive the best of the best when it comes to services. For a proper, in-depth look, you should contact a firm representative. If not, here are all the services you can avail at this company:

Variety Of Precious Metal IRAs

Hard Assets Alliance does not shy away from revealing one of the best-kept secrets in investing – Gold IRAs. With these accounts, you can harness the incredible benefits of tax deferral. You can even engage in tax-free investing if you want!

They have achieved this by applying these advantages to physical precious metals. You can further supercharge the potential of your portfolio utilizing these advantages. Doing so can enable you to rebalance your IRA without incurring taxes.

Additionally, it also enables you to maximize the advantages of your precious metals. Best of all, the representatives guide you through every step of this journey. This makes it an effortless journey.

A Trusted Custodian Partner

The people at this firm have your peace of mind as their priority. They have partnered with Equity Trust. Being a leading independent trust company in the US. This integration ensures unparalleled simplicity and security for your precious metals IRA.

Funding your Gold IRA is hassle-free. You can transfer cash from an existing IRA or rollover funds from a work retirement plan. You can also make annual contributions if you want. Throughout the process, the experts working there will not leave your side.

Security, Efficiency, And Competition – All In One Place

Managing Precious Metals IRA has never been easier, thanks to their streamlined process. All you have to do is open an account, fund it, and buy or sell precious metals at your convenience. For physical possession, you can even take delivery for your distributions!

Their platform allows you to apply for your Gold IRA in minutes. Choose the right IRA for your needs, answer a few straightforward questions, and you are on your way. You can also access your Gold IRA with ease through their mobile app, which is available 24/7.

In conclusion, the platform is a safe and fast way to manage your investments. This is regardless of whether you are buying or selling precious metals.

Types Of IRAs Provided

Among the various accounts you can open up, there are four different types of IRAs the company supports. You can learn about them all by contacting a representative of this organization. For a quick mention, you can take a look below:

  1. Simple IRA
  2. Traditional IRA
  3. Roth IRA
  4. SEP IRA


A lot of people require effortless and automated gold and silver savings. If you are one of such people, you can seize the opportunity to gather precious metals here! The MetalStream service simplifies precious metals accumulation.

It can achieve this with automated monthly investments. These take place in real, physical bullion. Utilizing this approach grants you all sorts of advantages. You can carry out price averaging and maintain ownership of complete coins and bars.

Even setting up this service is a breeze. You start by choosing the amount you wish to invest in. Carry on by picking from eligible gold or silver products. Finally, link your bank account for funding or pre-fund your account balance.

From this point onwards, the company takes the reins. This act ensures regular monthly investments on your behalf. As you amass enough for a full coin or bar, it goes to your vault at no extra cost.

This does not mean that the company will do whatever it wants! Here, you are in the driver’s seat. It is you who establishes the rules that best suit you. Furthermore, only you can start and end your automated investments. All this is available with no hidden charges or fees.

To begin investing in this service, you only need $25 monthly. It takes a few minutes to configure MetalStream’s automatic investments. You can register for a free account and set up automated deposits. You will need to connect to your bank and specify your desired investments.

From that point onwards, every month, an automatic deposit will take place. At the same time, a sale is also carried out. In conclusion, MetalStream offers you the financial freedom and control you deserve.

Further Accounts To Check Out

Being an established player, this organization offers a range of services. Here, they can cater to both individual investors and businesses. At this point, you should know the IRAs the company offers. Here are some other accounts that you should consider:

Business Accounts & Everything To Note

Businesses of all sizes can enjoy the services provided by these accounts. Here, businesses can open accounts and buy precious metals. They can then begin to treat them as valuable company assets!

This feature is especially great for LLCs and partnerships, along with sole proprietors. Using this account can allow businesses to diversify their holdings. Doing so also safeguards their equity.

Services Related To Estates & Trusts

Hard Assets Alliance also offers estate and gifting solutions for trusts. The same applies to UTMAs (Uniform Transfers to Minors Act) and holding companies. Options like this provide flexibility and security for beneficiaries.

Doing so also allows account holders to pass on the gift of precious metals. Assets are both sellable and deliverable. This ensures the seamless transition of wealth to future generations.

Products To Look Out For

A company is only as good as the products it provides. If you have an interest in this firm but are not up to date on their products, do not fear!

Here are some of the many products that you can get your hands on when dealing with this business! For prices of the products below, you can visit their website.


Gold is no doubt the most common gold people want to invest in. It makes sense that it would be the metal that has the most products available.

  • Gold 500 oz American Eagle – Monster Box
  • Gold 1 oz South African Krugerrand
  • Gold 32 15/101 oz 1 Kg ( 32.148 oz ) Bar
  • Gold 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Gold 1/10 oz American Eagle
  • Gold 1/2 oz American Eagle
  • Gold 1 oz American Buffalo


Silver is the next best precious metal when it comes to investments. This company does not have much when it comes to silver products. In fact, you can find them all listed below.

  • Silver 500 oz American Eagle – Monster Box
  • Silver 1 oz American Eagle
  • Silver 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic
  • Silver 1000 oz Bar
  • Silver 1 oz Rounds
  • Silver 1 oz Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Silver 100 oz Bar


Going further and further down, you have Platinum. Yet another good metal to invest in, but not as good when compared to the ones above. Since the company only has one product for this metal, it seems that they too, understand this.

  • Platinum 1 oz Bar


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Do They Have An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is another opportunity for people to capitalize on growing interests. Here, the interest lies in precious metals investment. Here, you can earn commissions by referring audiences to the business.

The program also makes use of the digital age by offering digital access to investments. Doing so makes it very convenient for investors to access precious metals holdings. Being 24/7 online, they ensure that investors have control over their assets. It also enables them to track, buy, sell, and withdraw their investments!

Affiliates can promote the platform to their audiences with no effort required. They can also do so knowing they are offering a reputable and secure investment option.

Why Join The Hard Assets Alliance Affiliate Program?

The answer is so that you can avail yourself of various enhanced features and options! By joining the affiliate program, you gain access to a wealth of features. This includes options that aim to attract and keep customers.

Examples of these features include true ownership of precious metals and vault storage. You also get on-demand delivery, digital access for 24/7 investments, and a platform with over $2.5 billion in assets.

These are but some of the compelling features you can avail of by joining this program. Such programs are a win for both companies and clients. This is because you draw in more customers and enhance your earning potential.

Why Should Take Your Business Here?

When choosing an investment platform, one should also focus on security and transparency. You will find that the company stands out as the ideal choice for many of these reasons. To start with, the company ensures that your investments are 100% hard assets.

This is unlike other platforms where investments might appear as pieces of paper. Here, you can rest assured that your investment is 100% real, with no counterparty risk. This commitment to assets guarantees that your investments stay protected from market volatility.

Moreover, this organization prioritizes total transparency towards its clients. Every investment you carry out is either audited, insured, or stored in a vault. You can also see all this in your statement.

With a level of transparency like this, you can track your purchases with confidence. Additionally, you have the ability to have your investments delivered whenever you choose. Adds an extra layer of flexibility and control, making it easier for you to manage your portfolio.

With offers of simplicity and security, it is easy to take your business here. Furthermore, the easy onboarding process allows you to get started very immediately. You can then proceed to fund your account and diversify your investments with ease.

Before you decide to take your business here, you should see what others think of the company. Doing so will give you a good idea of what you can expect from them.

Public Perception Of Hard Assets Alliance

Many people claim that the Hard Assets Alliance (HAA) offers a welcome departure from the norm. No longer should you have frustration while attempting to buy precious metals online. Their platform has garnered a great reputation through lots of positive feedback.

This is due to the unique experience it provides. Some users claim it is also because of how straightforward it is when compared to many other options. This sentiment, echoed by many, shows that many people enjoy the online facilities of the firm.

Customers applaud the firm for its ease of use and efficient methods. They claim that the convenience is next to none. This is for transferring funds and for purchasing gold and silver for delivery.

The platform’s competitive pricing is also noteworthy. It no doubt makes them a viable choice for precious metals enthusiasts. To top it all off, the company’s Trustpilot rating is 4.2/5. This further emphasizes its positive reputation in the eyes of the public.

The company generally received positive feedback from customers. Despite this, it is important to note that they are not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This fact might raise concerns for those who value this in their investment choices.


With this Hard Assets Alliance review now coming to an end, you should be able to form an opinion about the company.

It is safe to say that this is a compelling platform for individuals seeking precious metals. The company has a refreshing approach to most of its processes. It provides ease of use and commitment to reducing hassles wherever possible.

Hard Assets Alliance is no doubt a great option for precious metals investment. Yet, you should realize that there are alternatives in the market. Many of these may be more competitive than them. This is both regarding security and pricing.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • Reliable and trustworthy representatives
  • Bonuses for new clients
  • Setting up an account is efficient
  • Account support and access via multiple devices


  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000
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