Kirk Elliott PHD Review

Learning about the economy and how to manage your money can be tough. Expert advice is important for making wise money choices.

Studying Kirk Elliott’s PHD review and advice shows why people trust his views. His smart analysis and tips help individuals and businesses handle the economy’s ups and downs. Many reviews of his work confirm this.

Today, when the market is so unpredictable, it’s especially useful to understand the basics of economics. With solid advice from an expert, choosing what to do with your money becomes easier.

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What Is Kirk Elliott PHD?

Kirk Elliott PHD is a company that focuses on helping people invest in gold and silver. It believes in treating people well, building trust, and giving personal service in finance.


The company was started by Dr. Kirk Elliott, the main visionary behind it. He has a strong education and career background, with degrees in business and studies about public policy and religion. Dr. Kirk has been working with precious metals since 2002.

Year Founded

The specific year the company started isn’t mentioned, but Dr. Kirk has been in this field since 2002 and has grown.


Kirk Elliott PHD is based in Denver, Colorado, and works with clients all over the United States. Their office address is 1660 17th Street, Suite 400, Denver, CO 80202.

Main Business Models

The company focuses on advising people on how to invest in gold and silver in a safe and profitable way. They believe in doing business honestly. And in building strong, long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Dr. Kirk (Founder & Chief Visionary Officer):

He leads the company with his deep knowledge of business, international issues, financial services, and how politics and the economy affect finances.

Ashley (Chief Executive Officer):

Starting in neuroscience and moving from the pharmaceutical industry to finance, Ashley became CEO by 2022. She is also in charge of the company’s charity work and helps it grow.

Aaron (Chief Operating Officer):

Aaron worked his way from handling asset transfers to becoming the COO by 2023. He takes care of working with vendors and following IRA custodian rules.

Is Kirk Elliott PHD A Precious Metals Company?

Kirk Elliott PHD focuses on helping people invest in precious metals like gold and silver. Led by Dr. Kirk Elliott, the company doesn’t just deal with buying and selling these metals.

It also aims to teach clients how to invest safely and make money. Its focus is on building trust, giving personalized advice, and educating clients about smart investing.

While the company does more than just handle precious metals, it is well known in the industry for its reliable guidance.

What Does Kirk Elliott Precious Metals Do?

Kirk Elliott Precious Metals offers various services related to investing in precious metals and financial education.

Here’s a breakdown of what they do:

1. Precious Metals Investment

They advise on how to invest in gold with a gold IRA, a special account for saving retirement money in gold. They help people figure out how to add gold to their retirement plans to keep their savings safe and help them grow.

2. Consulting Services

The company also offers consulting and personalized advice on investing and financial planning. This service is tailored to meet each person’s financial goals and situations.

3. Speaking Engagements

Dr. Kirk Elliott and his team often talk at events, sharing their knowledge on how the economy and politics affect the financial market and the importance of investing in precious metals.

4. Writing And Publications

The team writes articles, blogs, and sometimes books about precious metals, how to invest in them, and economic ideas. These writings aim to teach people and their clients smart ways to invest in precious metals.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Kirk Elliott PHD?

Working with Kirk Elliott PHD offers unique benefits for investing in precious metals.

Here’s what you gain:

1. Expertise And Experience

Kirk Elliott PHD’s team knows a lot about money and investing. They have been working in this area for years and understand how the gold and silver market works.

This knowledge means they can give advice based on real experience and understanding, not just what they’ve read in books.

2. Personalized Approach

The advice you get from Kirk Elliott PHD is made just for you. They listen to what you need and want, creating investment plans that fit your life. This way, the advice you get is useful for your savings and plans, not just general tips.

3. Proven Track Record

The team at Kirk Elliott PHD has a history of helping clients invest successfully in precious metals. They’ve shown that they can provide guidance that really works.

Knowing that others have done well with their help might make you feel sure about your own investment choices with them.


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What People Say About Kirk Elliott PHD

Kirk Elliott PHD gets top marks from his clients on Facebook. He has 15 reviews, and everyone gave him five stars!

This shows that people who get advice from him are really happy with the help they get. They like his smart tips on money matters, especially about investing in things like gold.

Everyone giving him 5 stars means they think he’s great at explaining tricky money topics in a simple way. Clients feel he listens well and gives advice that suits their needs.

This strong positive feedback means a lot. It shows he’s not just good at what he knows, but also really cares about helping his clients make wise choices with their money.

Does Kirk Elliott PHD Offer Storage Options?

Yes, Kirk Elliott PHD has storage options for precious metals. They work with the Texas Precious Metals Depository (TPMD) to keep your gold, silver, and other metals safe.

Here’s what TPMD offers:

Texas Precious Metals Depository (TPMD)

  • Safe and Private: TPMD is a modern place that keeps your metals in their own safe space, away from anyone else’s property. It’s separate and secure.
  • No Extra Costs: You don’t have to pay any fees to start using the storage, put your metals in, or take them out.
  • Affordable Fees: They make sure it doesn’t cost too much to keep your metals safe.
  • Everything’s Insured: Your stored metals are insured against theft and disasters, with insurance that matches the full current value.
  • Yearly Checks: A professional outside company checks once a year to make sure all the metals are there and accounted for.
  • Top-Notch Security: TPMD’s security is strong, with guards all the time, special doors, fingerprint checks, and multiple barriers.


Things To Consider About Storing At TPMD

  • Downsides: You have to pay a monthly storage fee, and you can’t get to your metals anytime you want.

Good Reasons For Storing with TPMD

  • Insurance: TPMD’s insurance covers more risks than home storage or bank lockers.
  • Safety: It’s safer to have your precious metals stored away from your house to avoid risks.
  • Quick Cash: TPMD is connected to a trading desk, which means you can sell your metals quickly without extra costs and at a fair price.

Kirk Elliott PHD, through TPMD, gives you a reliable, insured, and easy way to store your precious metals, which allows you to relax and think about your investments without worry.

Storage Rates

When you store your precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium with TPMD, you’re choosing a secure and reliable option.

Each client’s holdings are kept separately, fully sealed, checked every year, and insured completely by Lloyd’s of London, a top insurer for special assets.

Your assets stay yours, kept apart from TPMD’s finances, ensuring they are clearly your property and never mixed with others.

Annual Storage Rates

Your storage cost depends on the total value of your assets with TPMD:

Asset Value: Annual Storage Rate:
$0 – $100k 0.4%
$100k – $1M 0.35%
$1M – $5M 0.28%
$5M+ 0.25%
  • For assets valued from $0 to $100k, the annual storage rate is 0.4%.
  • Assets between $100k and $1M are charged at 0.35% annually.
  • Holdings valued from $1M to $5M have a rate of 0.28% per year.
  • For large investments over $5M, the rate lowers to 0.25% annually.

Other Fees To Consider

Fee Type: Amount:
Account Setup Fee Free
Account Withdrawal Fee Free
Minimum Monthly Billing $4
  • Setting Up an Account: Free. There’s no cost to start your storage account.
  • Withdrawing Funds: Also free. You won’t be charged for taking out your metals.
  • Minimum Monthly Bill: The lowest bill you’ll get is $4, regardless of your assets’ value.

Is Kirk Elliott PHD A Legitimate Company?

Kirk Elliott PHD is known for giving advice on money and investments, especially in areas like gold and other precious metals. He has a PhD, which shows he knows a lot about economics and finance.

When checking if he’s legit, look at his education, work history, what other people say about him, and if he follows the rules. Good reviews and happy clients are signs he gives solid advice.

But it’s important for anyone thinking about taking his advice to check things out themselves. Make sure he really has the qualifications and experience he says he does. Look into his background and see what kind of advice he gives.

There should also be no complaints against him, showing he does his job well and fairly with money matters being complicated, having someone you can trust to give advice matters a lot.

If Kirk Elliott fits what you’re looking for and has a good standing with others, it could mean he’s a good choice for financial advice. But do your homework first before making any decisions based on his suggestions.

Pros And Cons Of Kirk Elliott PHD

When thinking about using Kirk Elliott PhD’s advice, it’s good to look at what he’s really good at and where he might not cover everything.

Here are some pros and cons to help you see both sides clearly:


  • Expertise in Economics and Finance: Kirk Elliott has a PhD in economics and finance. Which means he really knows his stuff when it comes to money matters.
  • Good with Gold and Silver: He’s very knowledgeable about investing in gold and silver, which can be helpful when the economy isn’t doing so well.
  • Teaches Others: Elliott spends a lot of his time teaching people about money. Helping them understand tricky concepts in easier ways.
  • Award Winner: He has won awards for his work, which shows that others respect and trust what he says about finances.
  • Focuses on Keeping Your Money Safe: He gives lots of advice on how to make sure you don’t lose your money, especially when times are tough.
  • Looks at the Big Picture: Elliott mixes old and new ideas about money, giving advice that covers a lot of ground.
  • Gives Back: He also helps out with charity work, showing that he cares about helping others, not just about money.


  • Very Focused on One Area: Since he talks a lot about gold and silver, people looking for advice on a mix of investments might not find what they need.
  • Might Seem One-Sided: His strong focus on precious metals might make him seem like he’s ignoring other good ways to invest your money.
  • Can Be a Bit Much for Beginners: The information he shares can sometimes be overwhelming if you’re new to economics or finance, making it hard for everyone to follow along.


Finally, Dr. Kirk Elliott’s article breaks down a complex topic so it’s easy to understand. He’s very good at looking at all the different sides and giving a clear opinion based on his knowledge.

His easy-to-follow writing helps people learn and gives good ideas about what to do next. Whether you know a lot about the subject or are just learning, you’ll find Dr. Elliott’s insights really helpful.

His review not only adds to the conversation but also gives real-world advice that can be used right away.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • Reliable and trustworthy representatives
  • Bonuses for new clients
  • Setting up an account is efficient
  • Account support and access via multiple devices


  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000
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