Rosland Capital Review

Many people believed that crypto would be the next big investment asset. The current state of crypto does not promote much investment, with scandals rising everywhere and NFTs at an all-time low.

Where the crypto market has failed, the precious metals market is booming. Because of this craze, I’ll talk about Rosland Capital and see if you should invest with them or not.

It does not matter if you want an IRA account to protect against inflation or stock market volatility; Rosland Capital has your back.

The company offers various precious physical metals that can be either stored in their facility or delivered to your home. Being a top-tier company, I’ll determine whether they are fit for investment or not in this review.

Once you have read the article in its entirety, you should be able to figure out if the company is able to cater to your requirements or not.

ATTENTION: Read this warning before continuing with the review:

Diving into a gold investment can feel overwhelming, but you’re not alone. I am here to guide you to a safe and smart decision.

It’s super important to pick a trustworthy and helpful company with your investment.

That’s why I’ve picked out the best companies to invest in gold. I want to ensure that you find the right fit without any stress.

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A Brief Overlook Of Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital is one of many companies that helps clients invest in precious metals like silver, platinum, palladium, and gold, among others.

They also have a lot of knowledge about investing wisely and getting the most out of their money. They are experts in IRAs backed by metal, coins, and bars.

Rosland Capital is good at investing in precious metals, which are less likely to go up and down on the market than paper commodities.

The easy-to-use interface at Rosland Capital makes it quick and easy for customers to manage their assets and make purchases.

Rosland Capital also has a trained economist on staff. Jeffrey Nichols works on the official newsletter, sending educational materials to your mailbox and advising the company and its customers.

Rosland Capital has gotten some bad feedback; In the last three years, the business has gotten 30 complaints from the BBB, and only 12 have been fixed. Most of the complaints are about how much precious metals pricing, how they are returned, and how they are sent.

Rosland Capital still has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance. Even though Trustlink got 19 complaints about the company, it still gave it four out of five stars.

Even though the company has clients worldwide, its main office is in Los Angeles. They also have offices in Stockholm, London, Hong Kong, and Munich, all outside the United States.

Rosland Capital claims to value good customer service, and the company wants to help you understand your finances and give you confidence in your choices.

They want to tell you more about how valuable and beneficial it is to buy precious metals from Rosland Capital for your gold IRA.

Services Offered By Rosland Capital

One of Rosland Capital’s most well-known services is giving advice and help to clients who want to buy gold IRAs for their portfolios.

Many of the good reviews of Rosland Capital talk about how the reps are willing to go out of their way to ensure the customer understands the advice.

Rosland Capital also gives people who want to invest a lot of options. They might help clients buy their first gold or silver bar, precious metal coin, or other precious metal product.

What Is A Gold IRA?

Gold IRAs let you include precious metals in your retirement plans and are becoming a more common option in today’s financial portfolio. Even though they are called “gold IRAs,” they can also hold silver, palladium, platinum, and different types of gold, like coins or bars.

Gold IRAs are becoming more popular because they protect money from market fluctuations. When the world economy changes, precious metal IRAs can hold their value better, especially gold and silver.

Benefits Of Investing In Gold IRA

  • Tax advantages: The tax benefits of precious metal IRAs are the same as those of regular IRAs. The main difference is that they get protection and other benefits from having precious metals in their portfolios.
  • Protection: When you invest in gold, you don’t have to worry about things like the collapse of the U.S. dollar or a sharp drop in the stock market, which can happen to even the safest mutual funds.
    In that case, paper-heavy portfolios would be worth much less when it was time to retire, while the value of gold stays mostly the same over decades or even centuries.
  • Simple: Rosland Capital and other gold IRA companies can easily help you change your IRA into a gold IRA.
  • Diversification: No matter how big your investment portfolio is, you should spread your retirement funds differently. Gold IRAs are another way to spread your assets and keep them spread out.

Rosland Capital Gold IRA Pricing And Information

Rosland Capital gold IRA will cost you $50 to set up. Rosland Capital charges $225 a year for administration, but they need to say how much they charge for storage each year.

With a gold IRA from Rosland Capital, you can put in at least $10,000. Their minimum investment is one of the lowest among their competitors.

Maintenance costs $100 a year, and storage costs $100 to $150, depending on whether the customer chooses separate storage. There are a few other small costs of custody.

The costs for purchases, transactions, and other things need to be clarified, which is a problem. A few complaints might have caused this to happen. Like many of their competitors, they don’t offer any way to avoid fees.


Each gold investor has to decide for themselves how to store their assets. Rosland Capital is here to give you information so you can choose the best opportunity based on your knowledge.

Rosland Capital, unlike some other businesses, does not offer separate storage. When you invest with a gold IRA from Rosland Capital, your gold will be kept in storage that is shared with other investors.

Rosland Capital lists Storage and Custody Equity Institutional as their favorite custodian, though there are others.

This means that they work with other caretakers they choose and others you may be connected to. You can get a good idea of how much their custodial services will cost from their website.

They can only store things at the Delaware Depository, which just opened a second storage. Delaware Depository is one of the best storage facilities in the country. It is used by some of the biggest names in the financial industry.

Still, having only Delaware and Nevada as storage options might need to be more. Many people with a gold IRA like to keep their precious metals close to home.

Rosland Capital Products

Looking at the website, you might think that gold IRAs are not that important. Rosland Capital IRAs are still great, but it’s clear that the company cares more about becoming precious metals brokers than about offering IRAs.

The store area is very complicated, with many different sections, such as IRA-eligible items, PGA TOUR merchandise, Formula 1 merchandise, gold, silver, or platinum bars, bullion coins, premium coins, and specialty coins.

As you know, it is very strange. But once you get used to it, it makes it easier to look through a lot of stock. People only interested in bullion that they can put in an IRA won’t get lost looking through that.

Based on the precious metal they are made of, their products are:


There are too many products to discuss, so I’ll discuss the big IRA products and briefly touch on a few others.

The American Eagle, the American Buffalo, the Austrian Philharmonic, and the Canadian Maple Leaf are all gold coins, and the American Eagle comes in both bullion and proof versions.

There is a limited amount of information out there about gold bullion bars. The website says that the weights range from 1 ounce to 400 ounces, and the maker uses whatever is on hand.

Rosland Capital also sells silver and gold PGA TOUR coins, which have a golf theme and are unique to the company. It also sells gold coins with a Formula 1 theme.


Even though there is a whole area for platinum, the only thing sold is platinum bullion bars. PAMP makes them, and the website shows the available weights. There are no coins in this category.


Their IRA-eligible silver selection is very small compared to the rest of what they sell. As we look into it more, the problem is with the website, not the inventory.

Silver bullion that you can put in an IRA is in the “silver” category, but for some reason, it is not in the “IRA-eligible” category; This will confuse people who come to see it.

There are silver bullion and proof coins of the American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf coins, and silver bullion bars. There are also the Silver Britannia, several “junk silver” coins, and numismatics like Formula 1 and golf-themed coins.


Most of the time, palladium is less flashy than platinum, but Rosland Capital is an exception. The website sells both 1 oz. Canadian Maple Leaf palladium coins and palladium bars could be more informative.

If you want to buy platinum and palladium items, you might have better luck with Provident or US Precious Metals.


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Pros And Cons Of Rosland Capital


  • It has one of the biggest collections of coins made of precious metals the world has ever seen.
  • The simple cost structure for gold IRAs.
  • Better Business Bureau rating: A+ (highest possible rating).
  • Team members you can trust and who know a lot about which assets are best for your portfolio.
  • The IRA company has been in the business for a while.
  • Free information about gold, silver, and platinum IRAs have a big following on social media, where they post helpful information and show off their products.
  • Formula 1 and other sports partners have made a deal with Rosland Capital to make coins that can only be found there.
  • Rosland Capital has an application process that walks you through each step and helps you fill it out.
  • Gold and other valuable metals are kept safe in a Delaware depository. With separate storage, your gold is kept in its room and is completely safe.


  • The coins are too expensive.
  • There is a delay in getting the metals that have been bought.
  • Service to customers could be much better.
  • You can own gold and still get tax breaks from an IRA account.

Customer Reviews

New accusations have been made about how Rosland Capital gets its money from investors.

Customers say that based on the data they’ve been keeping track of, it usually takes longer than 14 days; This could slow down how fast the investment grows and make the portfolio worth more.

Rosland Capital says that when it comes to delivery, they are still the best in the business; This is because they are twice as fast as anyone else on the free market.

The Business Consumer Alliance gave them a grade of AAA; This is the highest rating they can give to a company like this.

Also, a survey found that:

  1. In the last three years, 13 complaints have been made.
  2. Several people have given the company five stars.
  3. The company has paid $177,917 in legal fees over the years.

However, Rosland Capital solved all problems. The Business Consumer Alliance has also found a link between how complaints were dealt with and how well the business did.

Some people got their money back in full, while others got changes that worked for them.

This shows that Rosland Capital cares about its clients and does a good job of it, and it is clear from the factual complaints that have been made against the company and how it has dealt with all the problems that have come up.

They also took the time to look at the complaints and ensure that they changed their system.

This shows how much the company cares about the little things and how far they are willing to go to improve its customer service. This is obvious and something to watch out for in this business.

Some say their gold IRAs have done very well since using this company. They talk about the knowledge and skills of the experts at the company. There is a 50/50 likelihood that customer service representatives will be helpful when clients can reach them.

People have also said that Rosland Capital is real, and they take the time to understand what their clients want.

Reviews from Real Customers, as seen on Trust pilot and Trust link, are:

“Don’t buy anything from this company. They’ve been dishonest when I’ve talked to them and told me lies. You will lose money because the prices for the coins they sell are too high. They will try to sell you their semi-numismatic coins that are way too expensive. When you sell the coin back to them, they won’t tell you that they’ll pay you 28–30% less than what the coin sold for”.

“It was a pleasure to work with Mike Shaver. He answers calls when no one else does. He knows what’s going on, takes action, and responds. You’re very lucky if you can use him to help you talk to Rosland Capital. And he’s a great person!”

“I have to give T.P. one star to write a review, which is a shame. From what I’ve seen, they will bother you repeatedly and tell you lies to get you to buy something. Their prices are a crime.”

“You lose most of your money. I wonder why they haven’t been shut down. They are the most polite liars and thieves I’ve ever met”.

Rosland Capital Lawsuit

Rosland Capital LLC was created to be honest and educate the public. They believe that adding precious metals to your investments can help make them stronger and more diverse. However, it’s important to note that they have been involved in a big lawsuit, which may cause some people to doubt their credibility.

Major Lawsuit Against The Company

A legal battle ensued between a plaintiff, Dennison, and Rosland Capital. The core of the dispute revolves around allegations of misleading practices. There is also the unconscionability of the agreements between the parties. This raised even further eyes to this lawsuit.

Dennison was acting as the trustee for the Dennison Family Trust. He started the lawsuit after making four purchases of precious metals from this company.

In court, he claimed that the defendants misled him into making these purchases. They did so through their television commercials promoting precious metal investments.

The complaint alleged that, in 2016, at the age of 82, he had no prior experience in metal investments. Mr. Dennison responded to Rosland Capital’s commercials.

He then went on and engaged in a series of transactions. These were guided by Mr. Smith, who was a representative of the company assigned to the plaintiff.

The court documents detailed Mr. Dennison’s initial investment of $49,982. By investing all this capital, he resulted in the acquisition of 40 gold and 322 silver coins. Subsequently, Mr. Smith encouraged further investments through repeated calls.

As you can imagine, this ended up leading to more transactions. The following is the list of transactions which took place.

Next to them is the documented timeline of when they occurred:

  1. $50,000 in September 2016.
  2. $49,500 in March 2017.
  3. $49,968 a week after the precious one.

The main issue of the matter is the significant disparity. This disparity is between the value of the coins received and the amount paid by Mr. Dennison. In short, the coins were not worth what the man had paid for. As a result, the lawsuit was filed.

To combat the lawsuit, the defendants aimed to file a petition to compel arbitration. They went on to assert that all claims were subject to arbitration. This was based on the Customer Agreement signed by Mr. Dennison. Doing so only caused the legal battle to intensify.

However, the trial court sided with Dennison. They ended up deeming the delegation clause unenforceable. Along with this, the entire contract was unacceptable. The court ruled in favor of the plaintiff. They said that severing the provisions would not render the arbitration clause enforceable.

Furthermore, the court found all this based on several grounds. This included the lack of mutuality and the limitations of defendants. All this was in combination with the imposition of a statute of limitations.

Notably, the court said that severing a single clause would not save the agreement. as the entire agreement was permeated with unconscionable terms.

What makes this case even more disgusting is that the arbitration clause was too small to read. Only when the clause’s font size was increased by 150% was it able to be read properly.

Actions and tactics like this are sadly common when it comes to contracts. The fact that the company was using them makes them untrustworthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What Kind Of International Connections Does Rosland Capital Have?

Rosland’s U.S. headquarters are in Los Angeles, but there are also independent Rosland offices in Munich, London, and Paris.

Rosland Capital is now working with organizations like the British Museum, Formula 1, the International Tennis Federation, and the PGA Tour to offer unique coin collections to its customers.

Q2: How Long Do Gold Coins From Rosland Capital Last?

Rosland Capital sells various popular gold and silver coins with different values. Also, you can find a wide range of expensive numismatic items there.

There is no proof that any of the items Rosland Capital has sent have been mislabeled, so the gold coin you got is likely worth a lot of money. The only thing still unknown is how much the markup will be.

Q3: Is Rosland Capital Trustworthy?

There are enough bad reviews from customers to make us wary. It’s hard to find online customer reviews; when you do, they’re often bad.

People say that the company’s employees don’t care about their needs, that they try to sell them things they don’t need, and that it’s hard to get in touch with a real person. Their trustworthiness is, therefore, hard to determine.

Q4: Can You Purchase Genuine Gold From Rosland Capital?

Rosland Capital claims they are the best source of genuine gold, silver, and other precious metals for buyers.

While this statement is debatable, all of their precious metals are genuine. They all adhere to the requirements of the IRS, making them perfect for IRA accounts and investments.

Q5: Who Is The Owner Of Rosland Capital?

The founder and CEO of the company is Marin Aleksov, who established the company in 2008. Today, he is recognized as one of the leading CEOs of a capable precious metals firm. Marin has always had an eye for expansion into the European Union.

In 2014, he led an expansion into the United Kingdom and opened great opportunities for the company.

He takes pride in his work and is willing to help customers with their investment needs. The company is in good hands due to his educated mind and decision-making.

Q6: What Is The Procedure Of Rosland Capital?

To set up an IRA account with Rosland Capital, you must sign and fill out a customer agreement form and IRA Application. Once this process is done, you must choose the gold bullion you want to invest in.

Your account will be created, and the representative will help you make the final decision regarding your investment. The funds of the IRA must be delivered by check or via a rollover.

Once the funding is complete, your physical gold is transferred to their storage facility in Delaware, where it stays for safekeeping.


Rosland Capital is a gold IRA company because it meets all requirements. Their employees are knowledgeable and can help you set up your investment.

Most of the bad customer feedback is about how to collect coins. They say that the price of these coins is a lot more than what they are worth.

The salesmen ask for ridiculously high commission rates without saying what they are; This has made some people feel like Rosland Capital tricked them.

Because of this, it may be best to invest in gold through a different company. However, the company has been in business for quite a while and earned impressive ratings. Therefore, a trial might be worth the risk.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • Reliable and trustworthy representatives
  • Bonuses for new clients
  • Setting up an account is efficient
  • Account support and access via multiple devices


  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000
If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.
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