US Gold Bureau Review

As you embark on your journey of precious metals, your primary focus should always be to find a dedicated precious metal company. Welcome to an in-depth exploration of one of the key players in precious metals.

This US Gold Bureau review will unravel the layers that make this company a notable name in the industry. It will go over its extensive range of offerings to the level of expertise that shapes its services. Come and see the very fabric of what sets the US Gold Bureau apart.

Navigate through the intricacies of its products and the security measures in place. This review aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the US Gold Bureau and provide the knowledge to empower your financial journey.

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US Gold Bureau Overview

The US Gold Bureau is a reliable and reputable entity in the precious metals industry. The company aims to help you preserve your purchasing power over the long term by offering individuals the means to diversify financial portfolios and safeguard assets.

The company was founded with a commitment to instill trust and integrity. This would go into every facet of the precious metals acquisition process. The US Gold Bureau prioritizes exceeding customer expectations and facilitating well-informed buying decisions.

In the landscape of precious metals acquisition, where numerous choices abound, the US Gold Bureau distinguishes itself by providing dedicated precious metals specialists. These specialists, having undergone extensive training, serve as invaluable resources.

Their purpose is to help guide individuals through the myriad choices involved in acquiring precious metals. Their expertise spans every process stage, ensuring clients receive comprehensive assistance.

The assurance of dealing with a reputable organization permeates every interaction, reflecting the company’s unwavering dedication to serving as a trusted leader in the precious metals landscape.

Why Choose US Gold Bureau?

There are plenty of reasons why you should side with this company. This section will discuss some of the main reasons why this company stands out.

1. Security Measures And Investor Protection

The US Gold Bureau stands out as a certified and insured dealer, guaranteeing the security and protection of your investments.

This goes beyond certification, as the company provides peace of mind through a comprehensive vaulting and storage facility. All of this ensures that your valuable investments are both safe and secure.

2. Expertise And Guidance For Novices And Veterans

Elevating the investment experience, the US Gold Bureau’s team comprises seasoned professionals ready to provide expert advice and answer any inquiries about venturing into precious metals.

They are armed with an in-depth understanding of the precious metals market, which helps these professionals serve as invaluable resources as they assist investors in making well-informed decisions.

3. Unmatched Product Variety And Quality

This company’s investors can access a vast array of products, extending beyond traditional gold and silver offerings. The company boasts an impressive selection of precious metals in all forms and for all price ranges.

Recognizing the importance of portfolio diversification, they also present an extensive range of other precious metals, such as palladium and platinum. If you want to take an in-depth look into their products, this guide has you covered in further sections.

4. Transparent And Competitive Pricing

Striving for excellence, the company also commits to delivering competitive prices to its clientele. Through vigilant market monitoring, they ensure that investors benefit from optimal deals. The US Gold Bureau also extends various discounts.

Their Free Kit: What Can I Get Out Of It?

Unlock the potential of precious metals for a resilient portfolio with the free Investor’s Kit that the company provides. With it, you can diversify your investments, navigate economic uncertainty, and also come to understand the timeless value of precious metals.

Benefits include:

  1. Knowledge Of Global Currency: Precious metals serve as a universal currency as they can preserve their wealth.
  2. Portfolio Diversification: Safeguard your investments by diversifying your portfolio with tangible assets.
  3. Physical Possession: Gain control by having physical possession of your precious metal.
  4. Hedging Against Inflation: Understanding why precious metals are a robust hedge against inflation.
  5. Coins Vs. Bars: Exploration of the pros and cons of investing in coins or bars.
  6. Market Resilient Strategies: Learn how to secure your portfolio.
  7. Gold Investments Selection: Choose from a vast array of gold coins from reputable mints worldwide.

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Pros & Cons Of US Gold Bureau

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of the US Gold Bureau to help you understand what to expect when investing with them.


  • The company has been active for around two decades
  • A large pool of metals and services to offer
  • A+ rank on the BBB website


  • The company is not BBB accredited
  • Various mixed reviews throughout the years
  • Pushy sales tactics

US Gold Bureau Products

The US Gold Bureau is a reliable source for a diverse range of precious metals. Their offerings encompass a wide range of precious metals and provide a comprehensive selection to meet various investment goals.


Gold is renowned for its timeless value and versatility. It is a preferred choice for investments and jewelry, and investors often turn to gold to safeguard against inflation and currency devaluation.

The US Gold Bureau presents a varied collection, including:

  • American Eagles
  • Maple Leafs
  • Krugerrands


Silver is valued for its dual role in industrial applications and investment portfolios. It adds diversity and balance and is recognized as a reliable store of value. Silver tends to exhibit more volatility than gold, so make sure you keep that in mind.

The US Gold Bureau offers an array of silver coins and bars, such as:

  • American Eagles
  • Austrian Philharmonics
  • Canadian Maple Leafs


Appreciated for its rarity and potential for long-term value appreciation, platinum is a sought-after investment. The company showcases a diverse range of platinum bullion that helps in providing investors with a strategic avenue for portfolio diversification.

You can find below:

  • Australian Koalas
  • Canadian Maple Leafs
  • American Eagles


Palladium is also a precious metal akin to platinum but more accessible in terms of rarity and cost. It also holds significance in both investment and industrial contexts and serves as a unique investment option.

Offerings in terms of Palladium are limited to:

  • Coins
  • Bars
  • Rounds

Rare Coins

Curated and rare coins are all available at the company. You can browse a wide range of coins on their website. Gold and silver bars are great, but no one can resist a good old coin collection.

Here are a few types of coins that you may be interested in:

  • Saint Gaudens
  • Gold Indian Princess
  • Morgan Silver Dollars


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How To Purchase From US Gold Bureau

Making a purchase with the United States Gold Bureau is seamless due to their user-friendly experience, which is all available through their advanced eCommerce site.

Here is an expanded view of the process itself:

  1. The entire purchase process is as effortless as it gets! Start by creating an account on their website.
  2. Utilize their user-friendly platform to add selected items to your cart.
  3. Here, you can benefit from transparent pricing as the system adjusts according to real-time fluctuations in the spot price.
  4. You should also double-check this quote to ensure a competitive and fair deal on your precious metal purchase.
  5. Once you have all your products in your cart, proceed to the checkout, and your purchase is complete.

Here are a few key things to note when buying precious metals and bullion from the company:

  • Some services are facilitated through Lone Star Tangible Assets.
  • There is no minimum quantity requirement.
  • To formalize the purchase contract, ensure that you are at least 18 years of age.
  • You can unlock potential discounts based on various criteria.
  • Considerable discounts may be available for substantial orders.
  • Purchasing a significant quantity of a single item may also qualify you for additional discounts.
  • You can engage with the dedicated customer service team to discuss your specific needs and explore discounts.

US Gold Bureau IRA Services

Explore boundless possibilities of securing your retirement by delving into the comprehensive IRA services. These services all also offered by the US Gold Bureau and you can uncover the potential benefits of various precious metals within your retirement IRA or 401K by reading this section of the article.

In your pursuit of financial security, rest assured that the US Gold Bureau has been a registered precious metals dealer with the State Of Texas. They have the go-ahead from The department of Public Safety, as well as the office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. They have had this authorization for over a decade.

As an authorized bulk purchaser of numismatic coins, they stand as a trusted entity for acquiring bullion coins and bars from the US Mint. This is on top of other sovereign mints and esteemed refiners both in the country and around the world.

Federal compliance is also at the core of their operations. The US Gold Bureau meticulously adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by the Federal Trade Commission.

Their commitment to ethical business practices ensures that each transaction is handled with the utmost integrity. It enables them to provide you with a reliable partner in your journey towards financial growth and stability.

Furthermore, to facilitate your exploration of IRA services, the company also provides a dedicated kit. This can help in empowering you with the information and resources needed to make informed decisions about integrating precious metals into your retirement strategy.

How To Sell Your Precious Metals To US Gold Bureau

Opting to sell to The US Gold Bureau is a straightforward process designed for the utmost convenience. To initiate the selling process, you will have to navigate to the Sell to Us section featured alongside each marked product.

Alternatively, you can also explore your items within the comprehensive payouts catalog. Here, you can easily add additional item types using a user-friendly selling tool. Do note that buyback estimations may fluctuate.

Once you have selected the precious metals you intend to sell, the next step involves packing and shipping your items. Simply download and affix the provided slip to the package containing your items, and within a generous window of up to 48 hours, you have ample time to ship your package.

Upon the arrival of your items, the authentication and verification process starts. If all goes well, your payout will be processed within five days.

The US Gold Bureau’s Customer Experience

The US Gold Bureau recognizes the significance of client feedback and values open communication. They aim to help their clients understand everything and answer all questions, both big and small. Clients can reach out to the team at any point during their interaction, fostering a collaborative environment.

A commitment to growth and a determination to retain a leadership position within the precious metals marketplace underscores what the company is all about.

This helps them create a great client and company dynamic that you may enjoy. While there have been issues over the years, the company tries its best to actively improve.

Shipping, Returns, And Customer Support

Shipping is free, but to be eligible for this, you need to have an order of at least $99. Additionally, any order greater than 10 pounds will have an additional surcharge of $110. Shipping is only available domestically and is always insured.

There are no refunds, and all bullion sales are final. They do have a buyback policy. Coins can be refunded, but you will not be refunded any shipping or insurance fee.

For additional information, you can always contact their customer support either via a call or an email. They will get back to you as soon as possible or take your call on the spot.

US Gold Bureau Reviews, Ratings & Complaints

Company ratings are all over the place, with most of them being mixed. Many people criticize the sales tactics that the company employs to push customers into selling.

Others have reported their bad experiences as well. While many stand for the company, there is a wider majority of patrons that go against it.

This can be visible in ratings such as:

  • 2.8/ 5 on Trustpilot
  • 3.2/ 5 on GlassDoor
  • 4/ 5 on BBB

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does The US Gold Bureau Have Any Pending Lawsuits?

When it comes to lawsuits, you will be happy to hear that the US Gold Bureau has not faced any legal issues as of yet. This can easily change; however, with their current track record, it is unlikely that they will ever get into legal trouble.

Q2: Is The US Gold Bureau A Legitimate Company?

Currently, The US Gold Bureau is not BBB accredited, and that can cause a lot of disdain from many people; however, they do have a good reputation on the website and even an A+ rating. They have been active since 2003.

Q3: Who Owns US Gold Bureau?

US Gold Bureau is owned and operated by its parent company, Lone Star Tangible Assets. They had acquired the company a mere five years after its inception back in 2003 and made it official in 2008.


In conclusion to this US Gold Bureau review, the company stands as a reputable entity within the precious metals market. However, it has to be acknowledged that the company also has a slew of mixed reviews and ratings from customers.

While some have lauded the company’s services and customer support, others have expressed concerns about certain aspects of their experience.

Exploring alternative options and checking out other companies may offer a clearer perspective on aligning with a company that can more accurately suit your needs and not lead to any issues.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • Reliable and trustworthy representatives
  • Bonuses for new clients
  • Setting up an account is efficient
  • Account support and access via multiple devices


  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000
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