USAGOLD is a well-respected name in the realm of precious metals. Its operations have been running since the 1970s, so it stands as a beacon of trust in the United States. This USAGOLD review will explore this business as a part of the current gold industry.

This company has earned accolades for its unwavering commitment to customer service. This is along with lots of professional integrity. As you delve into this review, you will explore its rich history and various product offerings.

Doing so will also show you what sets this company apart. Come dissect the various assets that make USAGOLD a notable entity in precious metals investment.

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USAGOLD – A Brief Overview

USAGOLD stands out as one of the premier gold companies in the United States, boasting a legacy that dates back to its founding in the 1970s. As a family-owned business, it has become synonymous with reliability in the gold industry.

Since its establishment, the company has solidified its position as a trusted name. Over the years, the company has delivered top-notch products and services. They cater to both individuals and institutions seeking to diversify their portfolios. This is for all sorts of precious metals, including gold.

The firm takes pride in offering a diverse range of products. You can get on individual coins, bars, and other bullion. This enables them to allocate comprehensive precious metal portfolios to their customers.

All of their products are sourced from the most reputable channels. These are received through strong relationships and industry contacts. The company ensures access to the highest quality minted coins and bars. All of these are available at competitive prices.

The team at USAGOLD comprises seasoned precious metals experts. All of them are dedicated to providing clients with valuable insights. You can also get advice on gold and precious metal investments. Their commitment revolves around offering timely, accurate information and unparalleled customer service.

One of the company’s distinguishing features is its inclusive approach. They aim to cater to customers of all experience levels and goals. The company emphasizes relationship building over using high-pressure sales tactics. Doing so shows how they strive to assist customers in making informed decisions.

What Makes USAGOLD Stand Out?

No two companies are the same. Each company offers something new and unique that will make you choose one over the other. USAGOLD is one of those companies that has a lot to offer its clients.

Let’s find out why this company stands apart from the rest.

1. Proven Reputation

  • With almost 50 years of experience, USAGOLD has cemented its position as one of the most reputable gold companies.
  • Its enduring presence in the industry attests to stability and longevity.
  • It proves to clients that they are doing business with a well-established institution.
  • The company boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • USAGOLD maintains a flawless record with zero complaints over its 30+ years of BBB accreditation and a 5/5-star rating.

2.Unmatched Client Service

  • The company stands out for its unmatched client service. Seasoned brokers have delivered this service with decades of experience.
  • These experts provide personalized guidance to foster individual relationships with clients.
  • There is the absence of a least order requirement. Doing so ensures that investors of all levels explore precious metals.
  • The company also tries to avoid unsolicited outbound calls. It avoids high-pressure sales tactics and adopts a client-centric approach. This empowers investors to make informed decisions.

3. Reliability

  • The company has attracted investors seeking reliability and market insight. By doing so, it has built trust through its positive track record.
  • Feedback from various gold owners speaks highly about the company’s consistent service excellence.
  • Here, the firm’s commitment to reliability extends from the first point of contact. It remains through the delivery of orders.

4. Exceptional Service

  • USAGOLD’s dedicated staff also boasts decades of experience and is widely known for offering seasoned support to clients.
  • The company’s fulfillment services are among the best in the industry as they guarantee a smooth transaction process, to say the very least.
  • Responsive support is also available during business hours, which aims at enhancing accessibility for client inquiries.
  • All these elements combine to contribute to an exceptional service that distinguishes the company in the precious metals market.

5. Commonality Of Values

  • The company advocates gold ownership for asset preservation, creating a shared philosophy with investors.
  • This commonality of values goes a long way in establishing a good working relationship, providing a strong common ground for clients.

What Products And Services Does USAGOLD Offer?

USAGOLD has a range of gold and silver products. This includes gold and silver bars, as well as different gold and silver coins. They also have special things like old US gold coins, smaller gold coins, and collectible items.

For people who want to invest in gold through an IRA, USAGOLD has options like the Gold Austrian Philharmonic, American Gold Eagle, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Gold Australian Kangaroo, and American Gold Buffalo.

If you prefer silver, they offer the American Silver Eagle, Silver Canadian Maple Leaf, and Silver Austrian Philharmonic as IRA options.

Moreover, if you want to be able to invest in a company, you should have a good grasp of its services. This section will aim to do just that and tell you exactly what to expect.

Streamlined Purchase Process

USAGOLD streamlines the acquisition of precious metals to ensure a hassle-free customer experience. Once you have determined your investment amount, you must browse the products on the website and purchase them.

Reaching out to this firm opens the door to expert advice and live pricing. The knowledgeable representatives assist in locking in the current market rates and establish a seamless order completion process.

For those inclined towards online transactions, the 24/7 accessible order system offers a convenient alternative. The company also accommodates various payment methods to cater to individual preferences.

Gold And Silver IRAs

This business extends its services to cater to retirement planning through various Individual Retirement Accounts. If you already possess an existing IRA or 401k, it might qualify for an IRA rollover.

The team working here will guide you through the eligibility check and collaborate with trust companies to facilitate the smooth transfer of funds. All of this adheres to IRS regulations, so metals meet purity standards.

Gold News And Market Insights

The company provides novice and seasoned investors valuable resources through a dedicated section on its website. This online hub offers a wealth of information that is all available to the clients of the company.

Investors can stay up to date on the market dynamics and be able to track live prices. They can also delve into historical price charts and graphs. These insights help investors make informed decisions based on their financial goals.

Secure Storage Options

Partnering with Delaware Depository, the company ensures secure storage solutions for its clientele. The Depository’s state-of-the-art vaulted facilities are located worldwide and offer top-tier security.

Further collaboration with leading custodians such as Equity Trust Company helps to reinforce the safety and security of clients’ investments. All of these come with regulatory compliance and a solid track record.


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How To Get Started With USAGOLD

Investing in gold requires careful consideration as you need to make informed decisions. Here is a step-by-step guide for beginners to start with the company.

Before doing so, you should have a clear understanding of your role. You should also know the role of the precious metal you intend to buy. This helps avoid common mistakes typical first-time investors can make.

You should also decide on the percentage of your overall portfolio. Here, consider factors such as economic outlook and risk tolerance. You should always choose a portfolio that aligns with your investment objectives.

Ways To Buy Gold – Step By Step Guide

Placing an order with this company is straightforward. There are two ways you can go about doing so.

Method 1:

  1. Contact The Order Desk – Simply contact the Order Desk. Ask them for the current pricing of the products you have in mind.
  2. Lock In Your Order – Confirm your order over the phone. You should get an email confirmation invoice for your records.

Method 2:

  1. Online Order Desk Option – You can also visit the Online Order Desk. Here, you will have to choose from a variety of investment items. This is open 24/7, so you can order from here whenever.
  2. Remit Payment – Pay via wire transfer or whatever suits you.
    You can rest knowing that your order is being handled at this stage.

Gold IRA Rollover Guide

This section is for those who are interested in an IRA Rollover. It is quite a simple process. It starts with an initial telephone consultation. You then receive an e-mail that has links to two different trust companies. These are the companies that the firm uses to administer the program.

Simply choose which trust company you want and then submit the completed paperwork. You can do this via e-mail or standard mail. The rest of the process is handled by the trustees involved.

After around two weeks, your funds will be rolled over. At this stage, you can purchase metals for your IRA or 401k and do business with USAGOLD.

USAGold Storage And Custodians

The company’s priority is the safety and security of its clients’ precious metals. They show this through a strategic partnership with the renowned Delaware Depository.

They have facilities in:

  • Wilmington, Delaware
  • Seal Beach, California
  • Toronto, Canada
  • Zurich, Switzerland

These depositories ensure state-of-the-art vaulted storage for all precious metals stored in them. This partnership provides the firm’s clients with accessible and secure storage options for their coins.

Full insurance coverage through Lloyd’s of London further fortifies all of this. This is a prestigious international insurance company.

Opening a precious metals storage account is a straightforward process that takes only a few minutes to complete. The account offers both segregated and nonsegregated storage options. Delaware Depository Services upholds an all-risk insurance policy on the stored items.

USAGOLD Reviews, Ratings & Complaints

The company has various instances of solid customer service and professional standards. These are evident in its spotless record and favorable reviews.

Here, you can look at the many things clients have discussed when dealing with this company:

  1. Currently, USAGOLD holds an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
  2. Both on Google Reviews and on BBB’s website, the company has solid ratings of 5/5 stars.
  3. Customers who have engaged with USAGOLD consistently report positive experiences.
  4. Clients oftentimes look forward to ongoing business relationships.
  5. Various testimonials reflect a seamless and profitable engagement with USAGOLD. This emphasizes the effectiveness of the firm’s recommendations and strategies.
  6. Clients commend the team’s expertise navigating IRAs and other precious metals.
  7. This is on top of the teams executing efficient shipping and delivery processes.
  8. Many have highlighted the commitment to personalized attention. These are met with trustworthy dealings that shine through every chance they get.
  9. Many of their representatives receive praise for their unwavering availability and insights into precious metals.
  10. At the end, many customers affirm their trust in the firm and vow for future gold purchases at the company. This indicates high confidence in the firm’s reliability and professionalism.

Pros & Cons Of USAGOLD

By reading the ratings and recommendations of the clients, you might have a great picture of the company in your mind. Note that even though a company may look great, you should always be cautious regarding your investments.

Here are a few positives as well as negatives that paint a more realistic picture of the company:


  • The vast amount of experience that dates back 50+ years
  • Wide range of services from IRAs to vault storage
  • There is a great variety of products that clients can order
  • Amazing reviews and full 5-star ratings
  • Products sourced from all over the world


  • Limited IRA-eligible products
  • Flat shipping fee on all orders below $10,000
  • Orders above $50,000 must be wired
  • Annual fees not properly stated/hidden
  • Low review count for a 50+ year-old company


This USAGOLD review concludes that this company is a solid pick. You can expect some great investments if you partner with them. Their website is full of useful information. You can easily use it to get started with precious metal investments.

This, combined with the various great reviews, shows that the company is good and that your investment is in good hands. Remember that there are a few downsides to the company. All of them have been listed above. It is now up to you to decide whether you want to work with this company.

9.8/10Our Score


  • Given an A+ rating by the BBB
  • Reliable and trustworthy representatives
  • Bonuses for new clients
  • Setting up an account is efficient
  • Account support and access via multiple devices


  • The minimum IRA investment is $25,000
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